A Plea For Help For Little Gobi!

Rosie (In- Loving- Memory)

Barked: Fri Apr 11, '08 10:30am PST 

***PLEASE CROSSPOST WIDELY!!*** I realize this is quite unusual, considering all of the lives everyone tries to save in this country. However, this woman sent out a plea to get this poor baby out of Mongolia and to the U.S. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...if you have any information on how to get this baby here, contact stmichael3 @ aol . com IMMEDIATELY. If this story doesn't move you, I don't know what will...(CAN ANYONE HELP/PASS ON?) This is an extraordinary story of compassion that will touch your heart...Danielle is desperate to find a rescue or individual who will be the guardian angel this poor puppy needs. ********************************** ********************************** **************** Danielle's First Email: The contact is Danielle Schreier: danielleschreier@ gmail. com From: Danielle Schreier Date: Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 7:38 AM Subject: PLEASE HELP I found a street dog in Mongolia that is facing imminent death if I do not find her a foster home. She has a broken back- the vets say that the street kids often break the dogs backs and cut off the dogs' legs; they say that this is likely the case for her. She is a small, sweet, sweet puppy, and the vets say she is very fortunate- she is in no pain whatsoever and can live a full, healthy life. However, here in Mongolia, there is no room or money for street dogs with broken backs; they were going to put her down when I begged them to give me ten days to find her a foster home in America. I can- and will, if need be- take her when I get home and settled in August or September- but, in order to save her life, I need a kind soul who can adopt or foster her now. I have never reached out and asked for help with an animal before, but this dog is so sweet and has such potential for a full life that I just cannot bare to see her put down. It would break my heart to see this wonderful puppy killed. If someone can or will foster her, I will arrange all I can to get her to America. I will try to set up a page on that, fund a project website so that people can help pledge to help her get home- it will probably be around two thousand dollars for the flights (there is nothing direct from Mongolia). I am going on a desert tour tomorrow and will not be back until next Wednesday night (April 9). Please, the internet is terrible here- please help me to get this message out. I am begging you to please help me find her a home. Thank you so much, Danielle -- "All the arguments to prove human superiority cannot shatter this hard fact: in suffering, animals are our equals."- Peter Singer ********************************** ********************************** ***************** Danielle's Email to stmichael3 @: here is her email April 11 2008, 9:15 AM I would love help- Brownie has had numerous offers for homes, but I do not know how to get her to America- there are no direct flights from Mongolia and the only international carriers are Korean Air and China Air. If you have any experience with this type of thing, I would be enormously grateful for any help. Internet is very slow here, away from home, and things are very hard for me to figure out in this situation. Of course, I can provide any information you would like in order to "prove" this isn't a scam. Maybe some photos will help? Please let me know what I can do. Thank you. Danielle I guess a good place to start would be if I were in mongolia and trying to fly out how would I accomplish that. ********************************** ********************************** ********************************** ********** Her most recent email: Thank you so much for offering to help. Maybe a little more information may be helpful. I don't know how international layovers with pets work, but I do know that the only airlines serving Mongolia are Air China and Korean Air (Mongolian Aira also services the area but has a terrible record and history). The vets highly recomended I avoid Air China, which they have had trouble with in relation to dogs in the past. So, that leaves Korean Air- I don't know their pet policies, dates allowing pets to fly, etc. but they fly via Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia (the capital and only major airport) to Seoul, South Korea and then Seoul directly to NYC. So, on Korean Air the flight route would be Ulaan Baatar (Mongolia) to Seoul to NYC. The dates are a bit complicated- this is the hard part, and I think I could really use someone with experience in this area, because even the vets are confused. The vets think she is about 3 months, but they are afraid that US quarantine could decide she is four months and then hold her for not having a rabies shot and the requisite one month wait after the injection date. So, the vets are getting her a health certificate to fly (it will take ten days to process) but, even they are terribly confused as to when to send her and what to do- some want to send her right away and some want to wait a full month- however, she has a high risk of getting distemper in Mongolia, as she is living in the vets offivce and has only had one vacination. I have no idea how strict customs will be, nor how they will decide to determine her age. I think quarantine, if it is in a kennel situation, could be very bad for her, especially because she cannot walk (although she stunned the vets by beginning to wag her tail on her third day of being cared for!). The puppy was originally named Brownie. But, everyone seems to have voted for a name change to "Gobi"- after the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It sounds adorable to me, either way. Thank you so, so much for any help and information. I really feel swamped by this whole situation, being that I am sitting on a hostel computer in China! Thank you, thank you. Danielle IF ANYONE CAN HELP THIS POOR BABY, OR HAS ANY INFORMATION THEY CAN SHARE TO HELP GET THIS BABY OUT OF MONGOLIA AND TO THE U.S. PLEASE CONTACT: Since danielle has limited internet access, it is probably best to direct any questions or suggestions to: stmichael3 @ aol . com THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS & PASSING IT ON!