I've heard Corgis are smart but oh my Gosh.


Barked: Fri Apr 4, '08 5:26am PST 
Fergus has decided that he does not want to go in his crate. I have tried treats letting him lie in there with the door open and me petting his head. Nope! I changed his bedding. Worked for about a day. I put a toy in, again no luck. Now he won't let me get a hold of him to lead him to the crate. I spent 15 min this morning trying to get him in his crate. Did I mention that he used to run in and lay down when I said get in.
Any corgi advice.

Rescues rule! - BARK
Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 5:33am PST 
Is he crated when you go to work? I hate it when mommy goes to work, so I try to distract her so that she stays home longer....maybe that's what's going on with you! I don't have any good advice, though- have you asked the vet for tips? Good luck! hamster dance
Albus- Percival

Barked: Tue May 6, '08 6:41pm PST 
Wow!!! Two lazy eared corgis in a row! I'm a lazy earred dog too, but my momma picks pictures of me with both ears up when possible. She says I'm a handsome boy with both ears up.
Momma has trained Dora and I to "go to your box" on command. To keep us fresh on it, she will do it once or twice a day even on days she isn't leaving the house. And sometimes when we go we get a little treat, but sometimes we get the jackpot! KONGS stuffed wth Apples and peanut butter or BULLY STICKS!!! Oh boy! We ONLY get stuffed KONGs or Bully stick in the crates, because otherwise we will fight over them. But it keeps us eager to go!
Also, when mom tell us to come or go somewhere and we try to play chase instead, she won't play with us! Meanie! So its better just to go in the box and get a treat and some loving instead of being ignored.
To get your corgi to bo in the box, throw something irresitable in there, and pretend not to be paying attention to your corgi. Our natural curiosity won't be able to hold us back long!