Can anyone help?

I love my- big brother!

We wont give up- without a fierce- fight!
Barked: Mon Mar 24, '08 2:10am PST 
Hello everyone my name is Amanda and I am the proud owner of two male mini dachshunds. However, my little guy really needs help. His name is SMuckers and he was born with a deformed spine. He is such a special little dog and he means everything to me. He has touched so many peoples lives in his short 8 months here on earth.

Smuckers needs to see a neurologist which will cost us $1,450.00 to get his MRI scans and the vet visit. We need to get him seen so that we can figure out what exactly is wrong, and if anything can be done.

I was not expecting Smuckers to be in such pain already. As soon as he reached 6.lbs his pain got much worse. I have always taken good care of him and taken him to all apointments with his vet and paid for it on my own. I am disabled and live on a small budget. My vet has told me to start him on pain medications, so that is how we are trying to manage his time for now. But even with the pain meds, he still seems to be suffering from pain. I give him water therapy, massage, and he has a heating pad that he uses to try and help ease his pain.

We are looking for ANYONE that may be willing to help us. Even if you can only donate one dollar...We appreciate EVERY CENT!

The money donated goes DIRECTLY into his vet account that I had the vet set up. The money is never in my own possession. And to confirm all of this, I will give you all the vet information, and even their website link so that you can see for yourself.

I love this little guy with all of my heart, and I consider him to not only be my therapy dog, but also my child in a way.

I know that there are organizations out there that can help us, especially since I am disabled, but if I can raise the money on my own, others who need the financial assistance of those organizations will be able to use the funds. And not only that, but I know that if surgery is an option, I will need those funds. I feel guilty enough about needed to ask for money, but using an organization twice would make me feel horrible, and most of the organizations will only give you funding one time.

Please email me directly for more information, photos, and how to donate. Even if you can not donate...Maybe some encouraging words? I am starting to lose hope frown We have had his account set up for a couple weeks and I am working like crazy to get the word out, but we have only gotten one donation. But we do appreciate it! And to us, prayers are just as important and meaningful as the donations, so if you can not donate, please pray for him.

I am asking as a person who loves my animals more then life itself. I cannot deal with having to have this little one put down at only 8 months because of his pain and my lack of financial ability. If you would like more information on his story, please please email me at please ask anyone you know if they can help us. Thank you all. cry