good harness??


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I'm looking for a good harness for Dino. I can't seem to find one that fits well and he likes. Any suggestions for a good one?

Also, I rescued Dino about a month ago and I believe he has demodex mange. I have taken him to a holistic vet and he is on a great food and has great supplement but was just wondering if anyone else has had a dog with mange and how it was treated.


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harnesses only encourage dogs to pull. I recommend that you enroll in a good obedience class ,practice "choose to heel" , and get yourself a martingale collar for walks so you can give a correction if needed... but practicing "choose to heel" is going to give you the best results. As a service dog trainer the dogs I work with must walk in a "heel" position for their clients safety. And never use a flexi unless you have a unfenced yard and are pottying your dog. It's impossible to have any collar response from your dog using the evil flexi....train your dog....
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RE: Demodectic Mange (aka Red Mange). Both my brother Maverick and I had it. Mom and Dad also had another breed of dog in the late 90's that had it as well. They had to use medication to kill the mites. It is passed from parent to puppy and the vets all discourage breeding to stop the spread. If left untreated your doggy looks awful and gets nasty sores. The dip the vet provided for me did a fine job (stinky, though) but Schwartz was resistant to the dip and they had to be creative. He was a big boy and they actually used an equine oral medication that was not actually approved for dogs. Worked great. Also, with red mange, it can come back later if the dog is under severe stress. But I am fine and dandy now and even came thru my spay with no problems. Good luck.