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Daisy Maie- RE WC CD

aka wonder dog
Barked: Tue Mar 11, '08 12:23pm PST 
Im in 11th grade. and school dosent get any better as you get up there!! bol

hahaha nah-nah-nah-nah-boo-boo stick your head in doo-doo

i get to take my dog to school with me!!!

Wanna Race?
Barked: Wed May 28, '08 5:56am PST 
Welcome and that's awesome you can take your dog to school with you!

Mommy's little- Helper. (corral- me!)
Barked: Wed May 28, '08 2:32pm PST 
Aw, you're so lucky!
I wish I could take Larka to school. I'd do anything for that privilege!

Mika MADC,- MJDC,- AG.N.J.,- A.G.

My mom\\\'s- heart dog
Barked: Thu May 29, '08 5:35am PST 
YOU'RE SOOOOO LUCKY! OMG I wish I could bring Mika to school with me!

Lighting up my- mom's heart....
Barked: Thu Jun 26, '08 11:23pm PST 
Haha, if Fly went to school with me she wouldn't let anyone near me!laugh out loud She would take one look at all the girls I dislike and let 'em have something fierce!Bol.big laugh
Daisy Maie- RE WC CD

aka wonder dog
Barked: Sat Sep 27, '08 4:14pm PST 
Yeah every one at my school knows daisy now! i brought her in once for a school project. and then every one was asking about her and stuff so she goes just about every marking period!
Jackson RA

If it's not- movin's, I'm not- chasin' it.
Barked: Sat Nov 1, '08 2:02pm PST 
Cool. I get to bring my dogs in to my college class that I am taking. I take an Animal Science class at a college. Even though I am a senior. I get to bring them because we are doing a grooming session and we get to bring in our dogs and groom them.

I Survived- Pancreatic- Cancer!
Barked: Wed Dec 3, '08 8:23pm PST 
How does she assist you if you don't mind me asking? My other dogs Laura and Patriot are in training to help a mobility impaired person. I take them to school with, and let me tell you it is TONS of fun, but also TONS of work. I love my job but sometimes when people aks me "where's your dog" or "I'd bring mine to school everyday!" I just wanna scream! laugh out loud
☼Annie- ☼

Tricks bring me,- Mama, and all- else joy!
Barked: Sat Dec 13, '08 2:39pm PST 
Homeschooling is the way to go! Annie's with me every day!

Puggle loves!
Annie and her trainerpuppy

I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 4:55am PST 
Once Jet passes the CGC test, then I'm going to start a program at my school where the little kids can learn about dog safety while petting an actual dog!
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