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Just hit reply and let us know who you are!

I'm Lisa and live in Ramsey. I'm happily owned by Bucksnort, Bosco, Bo and Bullet. I am a volunteer with Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc.

Bucksnort is our first Basset. he's about 8 1/2 now...hard to believe my baby is getting older.

Bosco is our "transport failure." That means we picked him up for BBR rescue and he ended up staying! Bosoc is now 6 years old.

Bullet is our crabby old 14 years old. We had fostered him for a year before finally admitting he was never leaving. Bullet isn't in the best of health. He has spondylosis, congestive heart failure and Lupus. But no one has told him this and he just keeps plugging along!

Bo is our long term foster. He's 8 years old just his past December. Bo has some muscle mass loss and struggles with his weight...he has a hard time walking so exercise is kind of hard for him. But, we love him to death!

Can't wait to get to know you all better!
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We only have one basset beauty-- Copernicus Lily, "Copper" to her friends and family. She joined our family four years ago as a rescue from Pet Haven. I was a middle-school English teacher at the time, and Copper had the perfect temperment to be my classroom hound. We went through the steps to become a licensed therapy dog, and she worked every day with me for three years, until we welcomed our new two-legged baby into the world this past October. Now Copper and I are 'retired' for a while, and enjoying daily excursions and the joys of parenting (she sleeps in the baby's nursery every night).

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Hi everyone! Lacie was invited to join the group so we thought 'd see what this is all about. We got Lacie almost 2 years ago from Basset Buddies Rescue. She's a real sweetheart and we love her to death. One thing that I'll ask you all about: she is SO needy. Follows us around everywhere, whimpering sometimes. She just needs constant attention. When my husband and I hug or kiss, she actually gets jealous and whimpers and pesters us til we hug and kiss her! It's funny but kind of irritating over time. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking forward to reading all about your and your hounds!smile


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No need to update Ed's page. He really hasn't changed much over the years. At 9 1/2, he's slowing down. Guess you'd have to own a basset to be able to notice what 'slow down' means for such slow dogs.

Our newest basset, Mabel, is 2 1/2 and doesn't fit the basset mold. She's skinny and full of energy and loves to fetch more than anything. She likes to try to get Ed to play by trying to rip his back legs off. If he feels like playing, they'll do about 3-4 circles around the living room & kitchen running after each other. Then he gets tired and hops up on the couch to escape.

She could probably use a younger mate than old Ed, but we're not sure we can really take on 3 dogs. She listens great and is a great walker. We've taken her as long as 5 miles in a day where old Ed's never had more than one in him.

Much of our success with our Dogs has been due to Cesar Milan (The Dog Whisperer). If you can watch a few episodes, you start to get it. Dogs want structure and exercise as much as all the hugs & kisses.

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Hi Everyone! I'm Jean from Andover and I am happily owned by my basset, Emma. She's my angel from GOD (truly) and I love her more than I can say...but as much as all of YOU know smile She's a goof and makes us laugh on a daily basis. She's not big on walks, and very big on lying around. Hence, she's a little overweight (65 pounds) and so she's on a diet smile She just turned 8 in January...and it's hard to believe she's that old! We are currently battling glaucoma with her, and are faced with having to have her left eye removed (gasp!) on April 3. It'll break my heart...but SHE will just be a trooper like she always is! She has two sisters (cats), Boobear--who is 16, and Helen--who is 3. They get along great!

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Hi, I am Patty and I am owned by Teufel. We live in Milaca, MN. We currently are fostering for Basset Buddies Rescue, Inc. Harvey Johnson is our foster. He loves to lay around and just cuddle.

Teufel is an active 2 year old who loves to play and go for walks. Teufel loves going to Petco to help BBR get the word out about the rescue.
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Hello everyone, my name is Max and I am happy to be here! My Mama is Heather, and back in October of last year when she was camping I came howling behind her tent in the pouring rain. Even though she had cats in the tent she brought me in out of the rain. I had been abandoned so Mama Heather took me in and I have never been happier. And I love all my kitties! happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance