Hello everyone

Holly Noel

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Barked: Wed Feb 20, '08 7:58pm PST 
Hello to everyone. I am a 9 week old Jatzu and I am looking for friends to chat with. I have found alot of shih tzu friends but I am finding that it is much harder to find Chin friends, where are you all?

Barked: Wed May 21, '08 7:18pm PST 
Hi! I've also not been able to find many Chin friends. We are a well kept secret I guess? We are the best dogs everdancing

Lets go!!
Barked: Fri Jun 19, '09 8:58am PST 
Hello I most admit that meeting other chins can be difficult, however we meet other dogs in the neighborhood.
Which have been most interesting!

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Barked: Tue Jul 21, '09 4:07pm PST 
hi i just created a group for anyone who animal sibling is on the rainbow bridge. i made this group so that you can have sopport. i made for my to dogs who there sister was put down her name is princess anyone can join so please joinlittle angel