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Spike Lee Dean- SD

I am the famous- Spike Lee Dean!
Barked: Sat Feb 16, '08 12:43am PST 
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Spike is my first chi...and my last..
yes at least my chi is great and wonderful, i don't really care that much about the breed. he is the only chi (that i've met) that i actully concider a good dog, i started trainning him at 9 weeks, he knows OB, is my serivce dog, knows tons of tricks! all in part to my 20 yrs as a dog traininer and growing up in the dog show world.
His mom and dad one long hair and one short hair weren't the freindlest in the world..that is why i started training EARLY!
HE still isn't completely housebroken at the age of 6! and i hate the obssessive barking!!
i have rather given up on this..desiding it's a chi thing....which is why i'll probably NEVER own another one..

check out his myspace pg too