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Barked: Fri Feb 15, '08 10:01am PST 
Hello everyone, i'm from central louisiana and was just wondering if anyone else was too...? I just got the newest member of our pack a few weeks ago and he's only 14 weeks old, he's watchdog/colby. Our last APBT 'lil' man' (may he RIP) was gator/surreal/boudx. I was just looking for groups around central la. that maybe get together. I would love to help bring awarness to APBT. I would love to help the world see these loyal, goofy,loving lap dogs come up from the ashs that they have fallen into..so maybe..just maybe ..when someone stops to pet your dog and you say 'Yes, he is a pit' *with a huge grin*...they wont tremble with fear.wave

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Barked: Mon Aug 24, '09 7:40am PST 
Hello Im From Louisiana too. How cool is that , and a agree 100% with what you are saying. If people would just stop and take a moment and ask questions instead of asume all pits or bullies are bad dog . They would see its not the dogsthat have bad behaviors its the irresponsible pet owner who dont teach there dogs the right and wrong behaviors. I have a Am bulldog and every time I bring him out in public people shy away from petting him. And he is a very friendly dog just dont try to hurt anyone of his people and your fine. It just makes me so mad that some people can be so ignorant towards any bully breed. My out look on this , your dog is a mirror image of your self and the kind of person you are. If your a loving person then you will love your dog enough to teach it right from wrong behavior. A AM Bully lover!!!!cloud 9
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Barked: Wed Dec 8, '10 12:05pm PST 
Im from Shreveport, La. but yes I have the same problem. My Diamond wouldnt even hurt a fly, the neighbor's wiener dog chased her on the porch one day, lol. But all the bad media on the news is what has everyone scared of them. But what makes me mad is when someone gets bit by a dog that is not a Pitbull or Pit mix its not on the news, but let it be a pit or pit mix its on the news everywhere. that makes me so mad!!!