Wild Irish- Rose

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Barked: Mon Feb 11, '08 12:52pm PST 
Greetings Lurcher Friends,

Well, this is less of a thread topic as a solicitation, so forgive my blatant and shameless begging. It's just that I have been chosen as one of 20 finalists in the My Yappy Valentine online contest for HOUSEPETS MAGAZINE, and I am very excited! I want to do all that I can to generate the votes that will lead to a landslide win. The competition is pretty stiff, as you will see, but I'm hoping that since we have over 30 members in the Lazy Lurcher Club, maybe with your help and support I might actually have a chance at winning this thing! It's a great way to bring some more attention to how great us Lurchers are as pets, and my rags-to-riches story really deserves some votes.
The link for voting is as follows:
You can vote every day!
Thanks in advance to each and every one of you for taking time out of your day to have a look at my entry and for casting a vote for me, Rose.

With thanks and gratitude,
Wild Irish Rose

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Barked: Wed Mar 19, '08 10:01pm PST 
Aww, Rose... we're so sorry! We didn't see your post until way too late to vote. frown But you still got Third Place, and very close to Second Place! And the competition was awesome! Congratulations, Rose!!! way to goway to goapplauseapplausebig grinbig grin
-Ringo & Webster