Fellow NYC dogs- wanted to warn you about a groomer


Lexi the Love- Bug
Barked: Wed Feb 6, '08 6:40am PST 
I know this isn't the right group, but wanted to give other NYC pups a warning about a NYC service provider- Nicolette's Pet's In Home Groomer-

What a nightmare- just wanted to warn other NYC dog owners.
After my current in home groomer hurt her back, I needed to find a new groomer that comes to the home, as my pup has separation anxiety issues. After seeing her ad at Urbanhound I set up an appt with her for a few days later. This began a period of almost 3 weeks of her cancelling and rescheduling 7times, causing me total frustration, but she said she was worth it as she was an expert in dematting, and that she would groom my dog for free after my inconvenience.
Finally, she shows up on Sunday 2.5 hours late. She does the bath and brush out, then says she has to come back tomorrow and finish, as my dog is too tired. I tried to ask her to finish as I was concerned she wouldn't get back the next day, since she had cancelled so many times, but she stated over and over that she would never not come back and was so indignant about that that I gave in. Then she stated that I owed her $50 for dematting, even though she had told me previously that she would groom her for free!! i asked her if I could give half then and half when she came back, but again stated she had to have it then, but guaranteed she would come back.
Surprise surprise, she never came back!!! Cancelling Monday, then called Tuesday and she then stated I should find someone else to finish grooming her!!
She only did half the job, charged $50 and never came back.
DO NOT USE Nicolette Stevenson of Nicolette's Pets!!!!

Thanksfully my old groomer, bad back and all agreed to come and save the day and give my baby the haircut she desperately needs!!!

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