Please Vote For Rescued Lexi


Princess Lexi
Barked: Sun Jan 13, '08 8:18pm PST 
Hello to all in my new dog group. I have a small request for my rescued dog Lexi.
I rescued Lexi 12/21/07 this was suppose to be just a rehoming. Well you guessed it. Lexi was is bad shape. The very well to family did not take care of poor Lexi. The results are matted hair down to skin, long and twisted nails. These 2 items are easy to take care of, but the third item. I was horrified when we took a look into Lexi's mouth. Her gums are bright red and infected. You could not even see her teeth from the build up on them. They were feeding this dog large dog food and she is a toy dog with a small mouth. And she was only given 6 tablespoons of food a day. Well the problem is the dental stuff isn't cheap, so to help me pay for the medical stuff for Lexi I enter her into a contest. The contest ends 2/29/08. She needs your votes. Please go and vote for her every day and show her that there are still good people out there. I wouldn't ask this favor, but the bills are more than exspected. I will keep you up dated on the progress she is making. She had i deep cleaning and 2 extrctions so far. So much for such a young girl (2)
Please Vote every day
waiting for my date to pick me up. New Years Eve.
under the name Tanyia
I'm wearing a Long black gown my mom made special for me.
Lexi sends puppy kisses to everyone and thank you so much for helping me help my new forever mom