A story about why you beleive in miracles

Harley- R.I.P.- 9/1/09

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When I was only five years old my mommy took me from a man who had three of us Chihuahua's in a cat carrier.That had been where we lived for two years.The man would hit us with sticks and hardly ever fed or watered us.Mommy used to have a golden retreiver named Sally and she was takeing her for her walk when she seen him hitting me with a stick on my feet.Mommy asked the man why he was hitting me and he told her I would not breed with two of his females.She told him to give me to her and she would find me a good home.The man slung the carrier at my mommy and told her to "here take the D*** things I don't want them they are not breeding for me anyway."Well mommy took the carrier thinking I was the only one in there back to her house.When she opened the door I came out followed by two females one long haired and one smooth coat like me.After checking us over and finding that we were all very underweight and nasty she decided we needed to go to the pet doctor.So off we went and the doc told mommy we should all weigh between 8 to 10 pounds each but the longhaired female only weighed 4 pounds ,the other female only weighed 3 pounds,And I only weighed a pound and a half.Mommy said she tought she was going to lose me.We were all very sick and dehydrated.The doc gave us all fluids and meds and told mommy to just watch over us and see what happens that that was all he could for us.That night we lost the long haired female mommy called her sassy because of her colors.She said she looked like a sassy.The other female we called sasha lived with a friend of mommy's until she crossed the bridge two years ago.She was about 14 years old.She had a happy life after mommy rescued us and found her a furever home.And me well,I had a bit of an attitude when mommy took me from that mean and horrible guy because the way he treated us.She was married to a not nice person at the time and mommy kept us in her bedroom until we got well enough to roam the house.I would not let her husband into the bedroom without trying to bite him so mommy named me Harley.And now I am 18 years old and happy and healthy.Mommy just could not part with me and left her husband to keep me.All this happened right at christmas and that is why I beleive in miracles.Oh and I am a little overweight but not much my doc says I am fine now.
Coco Chanel,- PAWS

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I believe in miracles! I was sold as a pet Chow to a family that had another female Chow. I was kept in the backyard for five years, with little human or animal contact. The other Chow and I fought all the time. Finally, the family got tired of the fights and decided to get rid of one of us. I was picked to go to the pound because I was the youngest one. I was sent to a high kill shelter. I knew only a miracle could save me! Who would want a Chow with the reputation of being a fighter? I was put in a kennel with other dogs. One of the dogs was so mean to me. She bite and scratched me. Just when I thought the end would come, I heard someone calling, "Coco! Coco!" It was the sister of my original mommy. She drove a couple of hours to spring me out of jail. At first the people wouldn't release me to her. However, my new mommy knew how to get things done. Before I knew it, I was out of that jail and the keepers had a big fat donation. I gave my new mommy lots of doggie kisses all the way to my new home. I've been with my new family for seven years now. Mommy worked very hard with me so I would be socialized around humans and animals. Now, when people meet me, they always comment how different I am from their perception of Chow Chows!big grin
Canela, PAWS

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Mommy calls me the "Miracle Pup". A few years ago, I choked on a piece of Natural Balance log. I died before my pawrents' very own eyes. Luckily for me, my mommy was able to get our doggie friend to come over and perform CPR on me. They drove to the emergency room while she kept doing CPR on me. Suddenly, I woke up and wondered why our friend was thumping on my chest! At the emergency room, the doctor was amazed that I had no major complications from my near death experience. My daddy says that I was almost "petted by the light!" big grin

Snapdraggon'- s Sasaki- Aka, PAWS

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Unlike my other fursibs, I am not a rescue pup. I was born and raised in Georgia before flying to my pawrents in Los Angeles. I am a very lucky and much loved pup. I understand how truly blessed I am! I do believe in miracles too. Coco told you about how our mommy rescued her. She didn't tell you how she repaid Mommy. One day, just a couple of years before I was born, Mommy was walking Canela and Coco. It was New Year's Day. It was in the middle of the afternoon. Mommy noticed a suspicious car following her. Without thinking, she cut across a small mall not realizing that the stores were all closed due to the holiday. The car followed her and cut her off in the parking lot. This man came out of the car and came after Mommy! Coco went crazy! She growled and showed her teeth. She was ready to fight to the death in order to protect Mommy. The nasty man took one look at Coco's bared teeth and ran back to his car. You never saw anyone reverse a car as fast as he did! Now, if Mommy hadn't rescued Coco, Coco wouldn't have been there to save Mommy. If Coco hadn't saved Mommy, who knows where Mommy and Canela would be today? Two years later, Mommy brought me to my furever home. If Coco hadn't protected Mommy as well as she did, I wouldn't be here writing this for you! And, that, my friends, is a miracle! wink
Harley- R.I.P.- 9/1/09

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These are all sad and great at the same time story's.And I feel like I know you all alot better now.Hope we get more responses.And hope our little group grows.Thanks for shareing with us guys.Big Hugs and Kisses to you all and congrats coco for such a great job protecting your mommy. applause way to go hug

The 3 Doxieteers
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My miracle is not necessarily about me but it concerns my MOMMA. You see, my MOMMA never liked dogs. Not sure why. When my Mommy adopted me, MOMMA set lots of rules against me.

Dog cannot be on carpet
Dog cannot be on beds
Dog cannot be on ANY furniture etc.

Well, one day MOMMA came home and could not find me anywhere. No one was at home and MOMMA was mad because she thought I had messed something up. She went from room to room calling me and looking under things. Finally she came to her room and saw a lump on her bed. It was me and I did not want to move. I was scared she would kill me for being on her bed. She walked over and pulled the cover off me and there I was. I was shaking and jerking so hard from fear, I peed on her bed. She saw me do it and saw that I was terrified. She picked me up and I thought she was going to hit me but she was really gentle and loving. She told me not to worry that she would clean the bed and clean me up afterwards. We sat in a recliner and she prodeeded to tell me about when my Mommy was a baby how she had to take care of her mishaps because she is Mommys MOMMA. She said for me not to ever worry about being left alone and scared again that I could go with her when it is possible or someone would be at home with her. She hugged and kissed me and cried because she did not want me to fear her anymore!

That was over 5 years ago. I was MOMMAs best friend 24/7 for over 5 years. When I died, she was with me. She was so scared for me because she did not want me to go and be alone again. She did not want to be without me either. She cries for me often than normal. She has become an animal person because of how she learned to love me. She is very voiceful when it comes to animals being mistreated, lost, or stolen.

I loved MOMMA with all that I am and now know she would never have hurt Me, ever. It is a true miracle how she became the animal lover that she is today! hug dog

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Hi everyone Im Garrett Glorys brother,I just came to the bridge,I wanna get to know everyone and share stories.

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I believe in miracles because i believe in God and God CAN make miracles happen. He controls all creatures on the earth and he makes the miracles. Throughout my whole life I will believe in miracles and in GOD!! Miracles wouldn't happen without him!!hug
Glory (Rose- Bridge)

Glory's Rose
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My name is Glory Dawn,Mom rescued me from the Pyr rescue. Iwas special needs ,no body wanted me but mom came to meet me and she loved me at first sight, I was sick and had a bad odor, I was locked in a cellar for 7 months.I was in rescue longer.A forever home was my first miracle. On the way home we sang and cuddled,but mom didnt know what to name me , it had to be a G name,like the other dogs.When we reached the house I met the gang and then mom took me for a long walk up the path, Before me stood this magnificent Rosebush, it was beautiful and smelled like freedom. I lifted my head, nuzzled with mom and felt like my dignity and Majesty was restored. Mom noticed how wonderful I felt,as I turned to walk she said OK mama love we shall call you Glory,with love my heart and hers I walked back to the house in all my glory. I was home. A yr and a half passed, I was still sick but better food and meds helped me,mom and i shared a special love , unlike any of the others. We took a walk everyday to my bush, when I could no longer go there she brought me a rose from my bush so I could still smell it.I would smile and nuzzle it close to my nose.The day i crossed the bridge I could no longer walk, before mom and dad helped me cross the bridge we rode to my bush,put some of my fur there and I said farewell.2 days later a little bird had some of my fur in its mouth , it made mom cry, but she knew the fur would help the babybirds.And now for the biggest miracle, my roses on the bush were yellow with pink trim, this year they bloomed pure white, hehee I did it but mom couldnt figure out why. She called the garden shop and they didnt know,they always bloomed in clusters of 5 or only 1 on a stem.Mom figured she wanted to believe it was a miracle and it was.the onlyexplanation is Glory bloomed them white for Mom. They bloomed till Dec 14th,mom pickedthe last rose.The last 2 roses bloomed yellow and pink.Mom thought that to be strange. On Dec 17th my Pyr brother gargar crossed the bridge.
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OH goodness where do I begin. I truly believe in miracles. I am a miracle of sorts. I have gone to my diary page to take my story from there. My story is very long but very imformational.(hoping)
I have videos of me on my page of me learning to walk again,my acupuncture sessions and my story in pictures. SO please come and visit. Here is my story:
I am a 3 year old yorkie and I am disabled. I broke my neck last year on July 29 by jumping off my mom's lap. I had a congenital defect in my neck that mom nor my vets knew about. I had, had problems with my neck and the doctors kepted telling mom it was a pinched nerve in my neck and would send her home with some meds that made me feel really good. This was until that bad day I jumped off mom's lap. Mom says I jumped and let out a heck of a scream. It was so weird it scared her. She looked down on the floor and I was having a seizure then all of a sudden I was stiff as a board and my tongue was all blue. So dad started giving me mouth to mouth. Mom and dad ran to the truck and rushed me to the hospital. When we got there mom took me from dad who was still breathing in my mouth and ran into the dogtors with me crying to save me. They said one more minute and I would have never of been able to survive. The dogtors did all kinds of tests to see what was wrong with me xrays, and bloodwork. Mom had to wait outside and the dogtor came and asked her if she wanted everything done to save me. She said of course. So they kept me alive. Mom had to leave because dad was full of pee and poo. I did this to him yuck. She took dad home and then came back. The dogtors said mom could come back and see me. They showed mom I could not stand but thought this might be do to me having that bad seizure. He showed mom the xrays and said there are no breaks in the neck and everything else looked fine they did not know what had happened, but they were still waiting for the blood results to come back. He told mom to go home and come back in a couple hours so they could monitor me for a while. So mom left me again. I had vet tech Denise wif me the whole time. She never left me side. Oh did I mention this was a Saturday and there were a lot of people at the office that day. But i was getting all the attention. Mom and dad came back at 1 when the office closed so the dogtor could talk to mom and dad without any interuptions. He said the blood worked showed that I had liver shunts, because my liver levels had changed since May. What ever that is. And that they were really bad but he did not know if I was going to make it the weekend so mom and dad should take me to an ER for the weekend so if anything happened they would know what to do. Well, it sounded like the end for me and mom and dad were crying. They said they would take me home wif them and care for me there. And if I happen to pass over the weekend they wanted it to be wif the family I love not some strangers. So mom took me home.
She sat with me all weekend long she didn't sleep one wink. The dogtor said before we left if I was the same way come Monday mom and dad had to decide what they were going to do wif me. I think he was talking to give me a shot and make me sleep forever. Mom and dad talked all weekend on what they were going to do. I still could not move mom was feeding me water and stuff out of a straw. I would eat a little but not much. Mom held me and held me all weekend long. Well, I made it through the weekend with no change.
Monday morning I heard mom on the phone with my doctors office she was crying when talking to them making an appointment to get that shot for me. Daddy was really upset and he kept going outside and looking at me and telling me he loved me. Mom was so heart broken she didn't know what to do wif her self. My brother's and sister came to the house and pet me and told me they were going to miss me and they loved me alot. Then I heard mom on the phone with the dogtors office again. She said he was canceling the appointment. She was going to find another dogtor to look at me. So she took me a long ways away. To a new hospital ER it was really nice and all the people were nice. Mom talked to the new dogtor and he told mom that he didnt' think I had liver shunts. I was a 22 month old pup and I was 15 pounds liver dogs are small and have a hard time putting on weight. He told mom he thought I had Atlantoaxial Instability (AAI for short) mom asked what that was. He said it is a congenital defect in the neck. It is a condition where the first two cervical vertebrae are not firmly attached. And he thinks that I had broken my neck and asked if he could take more pictures of my neck. Mom said okay. About 5 minutes later the dogtor came back and said he was right that I had a very bad broken neck. He said I was internally decapiated he didn't know how mom kept me alive all weekend. She told him with a lot of TLC. He told mom he could do surgery on my neck and make me better and he said that there was a 85 to 90 percent chance I would walk again. Of course there are not guarentees with that. Mom told the doctor she didn't know if she could afford the surgery and what were my chances without it. He said there were no guarentees because he was shocked I was still alive as it was. Mom said she had to go home and talk to dad. She then asked if it was alright to take me with her. He said yes but keep doing what you have been doing all weekend. Mom said of course she would. We went home and mom and dad talked. They found a way to come up with the money and called the vets ER the next day to tell them it was a go. So mom got me already the next morning to go to the hospital for my surgery. She was going to drive down and put me in the back seat. She hadn't slept since Saturday I was worried. So when she put me back there. I tried to turn my head to see where she was and everything went black. Mom said I stopped breathing again and she had to give me mouth to mouth again to bring me back. She rushed me to the ER. When we got there they said the dogtor was called away on a emergancy and he would not be back until tomorrow and bring me back then. Mom said listen I just had to breath for him again please keep him here. And that she hadn't slept in 3 days and she was scared next time she would not be fast enough with me. And at this time I had really bad poop problems. When the nurse picked me up I sprayed poop all her and the walls. YUCKY.
I had my surgery the next day. The dogtor called mom and said he put wires and bone cement in my neck to keep it stable. She could come tomorrow and see me. She did and was crying again. She got to come and get me on Friday. They taught mom to give me physical therapy and gave me a bunch of pills to take. I was so weak mom had to feed me with a syringe. She took really good care of me. I slept with her in her bed. Dad wasn't crying anymore just hoping I would get all better. I went for my 8 week check up and the dogtor said I was doing great and asked if I was walking yet. Mom said nope. He said it looked good because I was standing on my back legs so I had strong muscle back there but I was losing them in the front. And mom should start water therapy wif me. So we went home and mom filled the tub and I was put in the water. Mom called someone that owns a doggie swim spa and asked a bunch of questions. So this lady must have told mom what to do. I didn't want to move my legs but the water felt good. nice and warm. Mom continued to do this three times a week and still gave me physical therapy. She still does it.
Mom was talking to a lady on line about a wheelchair for me. And her furbaby went to the rainbow bridge a few weeks later and she had a wheelchair and sent it to me so I could walk. We got the wheelchair and it didn't fit. So we sent it to the place that made it, but in the meantime mom made me a wheelchair. Because I still needed help holding my neck mom had to make a brace for my neck it was still weak. We got the new cart and it didn't fit right but I tried it I took a few steps but didn't like it at all. So I had a dogtors appointment wif my vet for some shots. Mom brought my cart wif me. They tried everything and gave mom some ideas on what to do to try and make this work for me. Then him and mom started to talk about acupuncture. My doctors said funny you should mention that he was just starting to learn and become certified. He needed a study subject and chose me. So I have been having acupuncture since March. I still get it every other week, we had to change it because I am at a stand still with it right now. I am not doing anything different, but since I started I have been able to stand on my own. I even try getting up all by my self. I do it sometimes. Mom cries when I do it I do not understand, but she says it is because she is happy. I only cry when I am hurt or sad. What is wif these humons. Well, the cart I have is not working for me. And mom was hoping to try and make a front wheeled cart. Then she came acrossed Gizmo's dogster page. Mom contacted Gizmo the Great's mom and asked a few questions. Mom was reading Gizmo the Great;s page and saw he got his wheels from Eddie's wheels. Mom sat down and wrote them a letter and now I have to go in a week and get some measurements taken to get a new set of wheels. I am so excited. I might be able to be mom's shadow again. I can't wait. My back legs work good. My front legs do not. When mom tries to walk me I cross my front legs I do not know why I tell them to go the right way and they don't. Mom does special massages to my legs and special exercises to my front legs to get them to go right and they won't. So we are hoping that wif these new set of wheels things will go easier for me.
Sorry my story was so long. But it is hard to tell and understand unless you know everything. Now mom and I try to get the word out about this thing AAI so other pups and furparents do not have to go through what I have gone through. My dogtor tells me all the time I am a very lucky boy. Most furmom's and furdads' would have given up and made me go to sleep forever. But I am lucky to have my mom and dad because they want to let me live a long long time. My mom has told me everyday since i hurt myself that she got me to be with me for a very long time and that is how she plans on keeping it.
Thank you for reading my story.

Thank you very much for letting me join your group. And thank you for letting me tell my story. You are are a very big blessing.