Woof! Hello New England Corgis


Barked: Mon Dec 10, '07 1:27pm PST 
Hi all - greetings from Winthrop! It's nice to know I have some fellow low-riders here in New England. I just wanted to say hello and greet you as I'm a new pup here. Cheers!
~ George

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Barked: Thu Dec 27, '07 7:58pm PST 
We too are new!!
We hail from just over the border in Salem, NH.
Glad to also have found this great group of fellow corgi lovers.
We have a fluffy sable boy just a year old last month.
I'll post more of an intro soon but wanted to say hi really quick!
Till then, take care-teach a child!
Julie, Jamie and Colby

"Life must be- lived as play."
Barked: Sat Dec 29, '07 6:54am PST 
Nice to meet everyone! We just joined. Plato loves playing with everything and everyone. We hope to find more good friends in the area.

Wishing everyone a great holiday break!

-Plato from Cambridge, MA


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Barked: Wed Feb 19, '14 7:47pm PST 
Hello, I am a purebred pembroke welsh corgi and I need your help to post my beautiful corgi picture so you all can meet me.dogmeditate