Want wings? POST HERE!

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Storm(Forever loved)

Watching down on- my family....
Barked: Sun Dec 9, '07 2:56pm PST 
If you would like some WINGS i would be HONORED to make you some. wink Just post here
Moo-Shoe - 2006-2007

I love Frisco
Barked: Wed Dec 12, '07 12:13pm PST 
yes i would love some wings

Moo-shoe 623354
Max 623359
Felix~my- sweet angel~

Barked: Thu Dec 20, '07 6:29pm PST 
I have this pair of wings, do you like them> Could i have another pair or am i just greedy??winkdog

Sheik (in Loving Memory)

Taken To Soon,- Never Forgotten
Barked: Tue Dec 25, '07 11:06am PST 
I have some pairs of wings already, but I would love another. But please, take your time and make the other pups priority wink
PS: Hi Felix! wave Hehehe
Lady (Forever Missed)

Forever missed- and loved
Barked: Tue Dec 25, '07 7:12pm PST 
I would love a pair of wings for Lady if you don't mind I do not have alot of pictures yet but mommy is trying to track down some.
TY, Tina

Bridge boy .
Barked: Thu Jan 3, '08 4:46pm PST 
I'd like some wings please. smile
Cordelia- Aurora at- the Bridge

Somewhere over- the rainbow...
Barked: Sat Jan 5, '08 2:52pm PST 
We would love wings!!

Goof (In- Loving- Memory)

Goofball-just- too sweet!
Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 8:15pm PST 
Bandit & I would luv wings!
Panda (we'll- miss you!)

nice boy
Barked: Fri Feb 8, '08 11:24am PST 
hi, panda needs some wings.. can you help him?
he just crossed rainbow bridge last week... :'(
Maggie Rest- in peace- sweethear

Barked: Fri Feb 15, '08 10:03am PST 
Yes i would love a set of wings for alex and maggie . I know they are watching over me.
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