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I posted a question in the answers section, but I thought I would come directly to you all about this.
My Yorkies hair has seemed to quit growing after I chopped his hair off in frustration a few months ago. I want to grow his hair long, and before this incident, it seemed to grow well. I had a few questions.
1. Did I damage his hair?
2. What do you all use to help their coat?
3. How long should it take to grow his coat out?
4. Any tips on how to groom him myself?

I had an experience where I accidently clipped a small piece of his ear off cause he jumped, and I am nervous to do it now, but I don't like paying all those grooming people to do a less than OK job. (I about diedwhen this happened.. I was 8 months pregnant, and emotional anyway, let alone seeing my puppies ear bleed!!)
And to this day, he thinks a cheesit(sp?) bit him, so he won't go after them when we have them.

I apologize for asking this twice, but I just want to get some answers!!

Thanks y'all!

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your yorkies hair shouldn't be effected due to you cutting it, it should actually help it getting rid of split ends etc... the spot on his ear might take a long time to regrow hair due to scar tissue. the care also depends on what type of coat he has, more silky, curly, wooly, etc... also a balanced diet, vitamins will help with hair growth
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I have a 7 1/2 month old yorkie named Madi and she gets trimmed up every 4-5 weeks. Her hairs grows back very well. I will say that her fur seems to lack a shine though. I have seen many yorkies with a thick shiny coat and Madi doesn't seem to have that. She was sick in the beginning and I am not sure if that had to do with anything. Sorry I don't have any more info. shrug


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you may think it is taking longer to grow because you are now worried about it. i have cut my yorkies hair many times, it always grows back. the healthier you fed your do, the faster the hair and nails will grow though, i found.

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I know this thread hasn't been active for some time, but I try to answer anyway.
You did't spoil his coat by cutting it. On the contrary.
For me I have show Yorkies and therefore their coats must be long and shiny.
I brush and comb them every day not to get tangles, which is a no no for growing long coats.
The coat needs of course shampoo & conditioner, especially formulated for Yorkie coats, which are hair, like human's, not fur.
To grow a full coat yorkie it often takes a monastery work, almost for about 3 years, depending on the Yorkies' genetic equipment and your engagement with care.
There are lots of videos to show how to groom yorkie coats. Hard to tell by writing, better to see I think.

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