Are all BC's this wacky?


Queechie,- queechie,- queechie!!!
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '07 7:49pm PST 
Nuit is a 50lb yearling, and he is a rescue dog. When either husband or I go out, even if just to the post office, Nuit goes absolutely wild when we come back. He leaps at me so hard, he has twice knocked me off my feet. At first we assumed his tendency to go nuts was due to his rescue background...that maybe he feels he'll be abandoned every time we go out. Another theory is that he's still a puppy (at 16 months.) Anyway, I can only calm him by quickly flipping him on his back for belly scratching.

Do any of you have other suggestions on how to get him to chill just a bit? We're happy that he loves us so, but we need to calm him a bit when he greets us. Thanks in advance for any ideas.