Welcome to all new members


Barked: Sun Oct 28, '07 6:07am PST 
I owe everyone an apology here for the lack of conversation this past year. Last Dec my dad got very sick and ended up passing away in April of this year. We had been taking care of him at home and then this past week a cousin of mine passed away from about the same thing my dad passed away from. I am sorry for not getting the group involved in conversations.

Please, if there is any topic you want to discuss please the floor is open.

Halloween is Wed so please keep your dogs away from the door if they are skittish. Mine will all be safely tucked away in bed as they don't like to hear the doorbell ring and since we don't have kids here at home they don't really like children. If your furbaby is going trick or treating or they dress up please post your pictures for us to see!
Don't forget to keep them away from chocolate also.

I hope someone will jump in here and pick a topic.

Aidan and Scottie