Thanks Aussies

Dee Dee

Crazy wild child
Barked: Wed Oct 17, '07 9:26pm PST 
Thanks to ALL of you who voted for me last week! You are the best friends a girl could have! Yesterday at Dog Day, I was named Nashville's Top Dog 2007! I will be in all the ads for the 2008 Dog Day and I got Lots of good prizes and goodies. I got a 2 night stay at The Farm Resort, with spa treatments, nature walks, my own suite with color tv and simmons beautyrest mattress, massages, homemade treats and so much more. Needless to say, Al & Tracy want to go with me. I will have a professional photo shoot to take pictures for the print ads. Before the shoot, I spend the day at Miss Kittys for a day at the spa, getting all pretty for the pictues.
It all sounds like so much fun! I also got a bag of toys and goodies and treats.
You guys are all so sweet and special for helping me win this. I could not have done it without you! I love you guys!
Dog day was a lot of fun. We walked around and looked at everything there and got so much stuff. I got to meet Taj, one of my Dogster friends, what a handsome guy! He is also an Aussie and has Canine epilepsy. He was up for Top Dog too. I had no idea that we were able to have this disease. So I want to get the word out to everyone about it and bring some awareness to it.
I promise to make you all Proud!

Blue is Best
Barked: Fri May 16, '08 6:07pm PST 
Congrats, DeeDee! I'm sure it was my vote that pushed it over the top. wink Good luck wherever you go. ^^