Im the boss
Barked: Tue Oct 16, '07 8:21pm PST 
A Fun Game that allows players to be creative while following the simple set of rules!!

How To Play

* First I will Start By Posting A Subject

*Next I Will Post Somthing that is in that Subject Beginning with the letter "A"

*Next Member to Post Will Put something Beginning with the Letter "B" (In that Subject)

*Game Continues On untill we reach Z..

*The Member that answers "Z" also then picks the new Subject

**NOTE: If you get stumped, and Can't think of one, you must Post Saying You Are Stumped (HINT: The Funnier you say it, the more Bonus Points you may win)

**Note: If You are stumped, you must then wait untill one other player posts before you can Post Again.

**If the Player Before You us stumped, you can Either Answer That Letter if you think of one, or Go To The Next Letter, It is your Choice..

Post any questions and we will try and get to them as soon as we spot them..Most the mebers playing will be able to answer any questions and that is encouraged.. If all else fails, feel free to pmail me too...