Dangerous Treats


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Subject: deadly dog treats Sent: Fri Sep 28

Bella, 3 years old, 4 pounds
Product - Smoke House Chicken Breast Tenders Treats
Bella became suddenly ill ,and now hospitalized with her life threatened due to Smoke House Chicken Tenders.I recently purchased at Pet Smart. It doesn't matter where you purchase them, just don't purchase them.
This was the first time I bought the Smoke House treats. Having read the label, it was listed as all natural, no additives, dyes etc. The treats were purchased on or about August 17. She loved them and I was happy because she typically only likes one treat. By August 23 she vomited bile, and again on August 24. Her personality began to change becoming lethargic, wanting to stay in her bed, loss of appetite. excessive drinking, urinating frequently in excessive amounts. urine became orange like in color. By August 28 she was severely dehydrated and lost one of her three pounds.
Sugar was found in her urine which would typically indicate diabetes. Bella was put on IV and given an antibiotic to take while tests were being done over Labor Day weekend.
Test results showed "irregularity in the lower part of her kidney. Possibly a hole in the kidney because of the malfunction.
By today Sept 7, she was no better and very low on energy and interest in being around anyone. I brought the package of Smoke House Chicken Tenders with me to the vet because it was the only thing that was different in her diet.
My wonderful vet, a graduate of Cornell University searched the Cornell Veterinarian site where veterinarians report unusual cases which are tracked. The search was done by symptoms. A second search by chicken treats.

There were numerous cases on the Cornell University Veterinarian web site, all with the same symptoms, test results and yes, related to chicken tender treats made in China. Never did it cross my mind that this product was made in China. When Dr. didn't find complete listing of ingredients on the package he called the number listed on the back of the package identifying himself and asked for ingredients to help understand what was happening to my pet. The only thing the person on the phone with a strong Chinese accent was "all natural, all natural". Sure enough looking at the small print on the bottom back of the package is "product of China", the same source of other products that have been killing our pets. I sat beside my vet and read along with him.
Following are primary repeated findings;
-severe damage to the kidney often resulting in complete renal failure and death -numerous reports in the past four to five weeks, a larger number on the East Coast
- chicken and beef treats promoted as all natural -it does not matter what the label is, if it is a product of China -if caught early enough, hospitalized on IV hydrating and flushing the kidney over days with nutrients may help the kidney heal itself and the pet could then live with the damaged kidney -if not caught early complete renal failure is expected -most cases reported are related to small dogs -initial symptoms indicate diabetes -mold is often found when flushing the kidney (found in Bella)
I have been in touch with Pet Smart requesting them to help get the ingredients. Time is lost analyzing the food. Today a vet at Cornell purchased a bag after reading the report my Vet posted on Bella. He then contacted my vet to say the bag he bought had mold in it despite an expiration date one year from now. I was asked to look closely at whatever was left in my bag, but saw none.
After Bella was admitted to the vet I went directly to Pet Smart in Nanuet NY, told the Manager what happened and asked her to assist getting the ingredients identified. I was met with a hostile attitude. She was only interested in getting my name because she felt I was going to file a complaint. The person at PS headquarters responsible for knowing food ingredients at Pet Smart headquarters is trying to help.
The information available to vets on the Cornell web site is not public information. No one seems to be aware of this. Dogs are misdiagnosed.

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Our family lost a dog to this last year. Her name was Shadow. As a memorial to her and her wonderful companionship I built a page for her. You can get to it through Sammy or Rufus's page. We loved her very much and still miss her to this day. When she died we thought it was age related disease, she was 13. But then the lists started coming out just a few months later and pics of dogs who had suffered this terrible fate. EVERYTHING we had been feeding our friend was on the lists. It is my firm belief that this has been going on for YEARS. We are now very careful about what Sammy and Rufus eat. It MUST say MADE IN THE USA OR CANADA no exceptions. DISTRIBUTED BY blah blah blah in the USA is not good enough. Annabelle Lee was kind enough to add some links to safe foods made in the United States that I gave her and here are a couple more. It is my wish that if we all support companies that provide our friends with high quality, SAFE food that we can force change in the industry. Pets are not possesions they are our source of joy and absolute unconditional love. Any company that does not observe the highest standards of quality and safey regarding what goes into their bodies deserves in my opinion to fail. Whether that's toys, food or medicines. A life is a life and deserves to be respected as such.

Three Dog Bakery : Topeka Kansas

Blue Dog Bakery: Seattle WA

Blue dog has this quote on their site:
"The greatness and morality of a nation can be determined by the way it treats its animals." - Muhatma Ghandi

I hope these help. Email any questions. If we all work together maybe we can save many dogs and their families from a lot of heartache and pain

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Thank you so much for this warning. My puppy gets nothing if it isn't organic and made in the US. Of course I got her right after the whole pet food scare. smile