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Tank- ♥DC

Barked: Tue Jun 17, '08 4:26am PST 
waveHi Mags!!! Good to see you stop in!!!!cheerhappy dance's cold here again. Can you send us some of that Nashville heat Maggie?laugh out loud
Hey Buddydawg......your Mom is a smart cookie.winkThat is a good idea about the 4 bags of candy in the pinata fur the 4 kids. My Mom says that she is going to keep that in mind.big grin
My skinsis is now done with school except fur a Spanish Regents final on Mon. and my skinbro's last day is Mon. They are very excited.laugh out loud
Mom's gotta start work now so i'll hopefully be back a little later!!wave
♥- Mollie- ♥

Mom said I could- come back- now..yipee!
Barked: Wed Jun 18, '08 7:53pm PST 
wave Hi Buddy, Tankie, Darby! Thought I would just pop in to see if there was anything going on here.
Buddy mom used to make a pinata for her girls birthday parties. The bags is a real good idea. We are going to try to make one for the fall birthdays of our grandkids. We just had them staying with us for a week without their parents. Whew are we beat!! We had three little ones under the age of 6. And then our other daughter came with her toddler too. It is lots of fun when they come. It is so weird when they leave because it is so quiet. That's how it is when they don't live close by... it's either we have them 24/7 or not at all for months.

I REALLY am a- Doxie.....
Barked: Thu Jun 19, '08 7:18pm PST 
Hi Mollie....Tankster...wave

...Oh my dawg! Babysitting grandkids.....that's such a handful....this weekend my mom has to baby sit her granddog!!!!dog

He's a 2 year old Golden Retriever and he always wants to play with me, but I hide in the bedroom because he steps on me....the silly goof-ball doesn't realize that he could squash me!!!!!! I'm kind of fed up with being pounced on............where's the bed...I'm going under it!!!!!naughty


I love to- FRAP
Barked: Sun Jun 22, '08 8:18am PST 
wave Buddy, Mollie, Tank and Maggie,

Just droppin' by to see what's happening! The weather here has actually been nice! It's been about 80 degrees and the humidity is not too bad! big grin

Mom set up my pool for the summer......It's small but just the right size for me! She doesn't fill it up too much cuz i just like to get my feet wet and when you have legs as short as mine, it doesnt take much water! laugh out loud

Catch ya all later! wave

Oh.....and Buddy, are ya still hiding under the bed? big laugh

I REALLY am a- Doxie.....
Barked: Mon Jun 23, '08 9:15pm PST 
Hi LowRiderapplause

Nope...I think I'll come out from under the bed and join you in your little pool......... Come on!!! Last one is is a dirty rat...!!!blue dogblue dogblue dog

I am a little- fart Bloosom
Barked: Mon Jul 7, '08 1:14pm PST 
blue dogHi everyone! hug I am so glad to have this time to stop in. I hope everyone had a wonderful dog
Daisy Mae

please give me- lots of loving.
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 2:44pm PST 
blue dogGosh it has been so long, so much has happened but we, my family and I wanted to drop by and wish everyone a Merry Christmasblue dog Oreo's birthday is Dec 24th and holly cow she will be 4 years old. Does time ever fly and we have a new sister her name is Lilly and she does not like her picture taken mom has tried and tired! She was abused by other family members but not now! Polar likes her lots cause she will play with him. Well this is short and quick Merry Christmas doghamster dance
LaSsiEϰ- 4;Angel- Loved

Doggie- Connection
Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 7:38am PST 
Wishing all of our American friends a wonderful holiday weekend!!
Abby (RIP-forever in my heart)

Its so time to- PAWRTY!!
Barked: Tue Jul 28, '09 12:43pm PST 
LaSsiEx i have a question for you! smile How did you put that picture in your response like that?
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