Lottery: 1st October 07


Too- fast for- you!
Barked: Mon Oct 1, '07 12:00pm PST 
Again, it's time for you to have the chance to win bones in the ☻The Dogster Lottery☻. We shall pick a member's dogster ID and add two numbers onto it. You must try and guess what the two numbers are. If you get one right, you will get ten bones. If you get two right, you will get twenty bones (each week it may be different and the amount of bones you could win may go up or down) So get ready! It's the ☻The Dogster Lottery☻!

This Friday, this thread will be closed so you better get your guesses in quick! If there is no winner, we shall keep the bones in the bone bank and proceed with next week's lottery.

This week's dogster ID belongs to Bonzi In Memory!

302018_ _

The blank spaces stand for two numbers that we have added. Can you fill the spaces wit the correct numbers? See the rules below if you are unsure on how to participate.

Only one guess per family. For example, there is a family of 4 dogs, only one can participate in the lottery. Each of the four dogs may take turns in the lottery. Each pup can only guess the two numbers once.
Bailey Jade

I am the Cookie- monster
Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 10:02am PST 
How about 29???wave

Too- fast for- you!
Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 12:43pm PST 
Wow, Bailey Jade!!! You got 9 right but that's all the guesses for your family! You got 10 bones! There's one left!

_ 9


Barked: Sun Dec 9, '07 9:09am PST 
19??? big grin