Training for my Lab/boxer mix-ADVICE pls.

Precious- Bella

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Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 7:43am PST 
I live in Northwest Houston, and Precious is now 5 months.. I NEED to take her to obidience class... she is a biter, well, nipper in the playing sense, but doesn't listen to the NO! and we are constantly "showing" her the Apple Bitter (which she does not like) to keep her from jumping or trying to nip/bite.

My question is.. before I go spending the $$ for the training.. If I'm going to spend money, I want it to work. I know it will take the patience, reinforcements at home etc, but are the Petsmart classes worth it??? does anyone know of a good trainer that doesn't cost 600.00??? My husband got that cost yesterday for a 4 hour session.. I thought that was just astronomical!!!

My other problem is.. we have yet to spay her.. she has vaginitis which was caused from when she was sick when we first got her and she was on the antibiotics.. and with that, there is nothing the vet can do to treat it.. the only thing that will treat it is... drum roll.. having her first cycle!!!! then at that point we can spay her immmediatly after that. SOOOOO, I'd hate to stick her in class, then all of a sudden her cycle hits. and now spaying.. i've taken her out of probably the most important thing!!!

ADVICE would be great!!!
Sorry for the lenthy thread. I will be posting recent pics of her.. she is no longer that small!! Our computer was not for some reason being right.. ugh!!! now it's finally behaving!! after forever!! cheer