BSL coming to Baltimore County


Somebody hold- me!!!
Barked: Wed Sep 26, '07 3:35am PST 
Councilman Vince Gardina wants new legislation on pitbulls. "If approved, the legislation would require pit bulls to be kept in a wire-mesh enclosure at all times and muzzled when in public. The county also will charge a $100 annual license fee, conduct inspections of homes with pit bulls and require owners to purchase insurance for them."

We need legislation that cracks down on vicious dogs OF ANY BREED. Repeat offenders, people who leave their dogs unattended and they get out, etc. Not any one breed as a whole. This is as bad as racism! hat_do_you_think_about_Baltimore_county_s_push_to_muzzle_pit_bulls_. html

Please write and tell him we DO NOT want this!!!

Vince Gardina email:

Councilman T. Bryan McIntyre says pitties are great dogs and this is unfair. Please THANK HIM for helping us!

T. Byan McIntyre email: