Leg limping


Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 6:08pm PST 
Hi...I just wanted to know if its common for labs to suffer from leg limping because of growing pains.puppy

Barked: Fri Jan 25, '08 9:36pm PST 
Between 5 to 18 months pld all large breeds have Panosteitis....growing pain....i had it bad . It goes away when we stop growing. Mom controlled my pano by thinning me down...i was a chub..and limiting my protein intake until limping subsides...usually a few days. One thing that made me feel better was lying in hot water with shower hitting my legs.
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Barked: Sun Jul 20, '08 11:29am PST 
Hey Elan, are you still limping?

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Barked: Tue Sep 9, '08 9:42am PST 
I had this problem also but grew out of it . It wasn't very nice I'll tell you. I believe I posted it in my diary last year around June I believe. hmmmm, can't remember at this time. But the important thing is I better now. applause
Oh and I wasn't over weight at all....just growing. big grin

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