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Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 11:45am PST 
if your levels are low, and still seizing, ask about adding potassium bromide.
a lot of pups use it
it doesnt cause the liver damage, but doses cause some joint stiffness, and a little tummy upset when you first start it. it helps to give it with small amounts of food.
I am on a steady dose of it

my phen doses change and rapidly.
I have a pattern that drives my mom and my vet crazy. I have gone 7 months with no seizures and then have 21 in two weeks.

I am now in a 6 month free stretch.
I also have liquid valium that is give when the clusters start.

the phen levels can be redused, but must be done very slowly. over the course of weeks to months.
let me know how your check up goes

something mom does to help is as soon as I start seizing she puts an ice pack on my spine, just below my shoulder blades, she has one of the blue gel ones that you refreeze.
vets will look at you odd, but alot of pup owners swear it shortens the lenght of the seizure and the post ictal time after.
and helps lower the body temp.
body temp soars when seizing and can be the most dangerous part of a seizure

paws crossed for a long count

Where's my- treat?
Barked: Sun Jan 11, '09 1:41pm PST 
Hi Pals,
I'm Snickers & I started having seizures last June. They kept track & I had more in July (clusters) so at the end of July I started on the Phenobarbital. Tests were done to rule out liver tumors, etc. that can cause seizures. My seizures could be tied to the fact that I am Hypothyroid & take daily hormones. Anyone else Hypothyroid?? If you have never had your thyroid checked, might be a good idea to have the Full Thyroid Panel done. My brudder Butchy is also Hypothyroid, but so far has never had any seizures.
So anyway, I went from end of July until mid-Nov. with no seizures then they hit again. Then again on the 29th of Nov., then had 4 clusters on New Year's Eve. Back to the vet I went. They did some liver tests, everything is still ok from taking the drug. They decided to up my dose of Pheno since I was on the lower side of the dosage for my weight. Now it's wait & see again for 6 months. If I get more, then they do another blood test to check the Pheno levels in my blood. If the level is right, then I might need to add the 2nd drug someone was talking about. Some dogs need 2 drugs to prevent the seizures. The vet did say that as we age, we probably need to increase our doses since our bodies do get used to the drugs. And of course we will still always have some seizures but at least the drugs keep them milder. The fewer & milder the seizures, the better. We don't want to get brain damage.
Mama sure hates seeing me get the seizures, but she has been around family hoomans that have them & knew all about them before I got mine. So she was not so scared.
Hope everyone stays seizure free this month!!!
Wirey Hugs,
Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Mon Jan 12, '09 3:12am PST 
me too snickers
I hope all of us shakers can have several seizure free months


the supervisor
Barked: Wed Mar 11, '09 8:00pm PST 
Hi I'm Morgan I am 7 years old, I have been having seizures for 3 1/2 years now, i am on phyno, I also have hypothyroidism but show no signs yet. my liver emzymes are slightly elevated, but vet say's not to bad. I have crystles in my urine that form stones, and have had surgery 2 years ago to remove them. I have high protien in my kidneys, so was put on a special diet from the vet but in a year I gained 2 lbs. and developed pancretities, so now I eat ID from the vet, low in fat and protien. lost almost 2 lbs. I feel great most of the time, but you know mom always worries. Friday the 13 I go back for blood and urine work up. I also take potassium citrate for the crystles. the vet says because of the pancretities I will sooner or later develope diebeties. all this upsets mom. I hope I live a very long life (18 or so) my seizures are down quite a bit now. my last one I had my brother Dunkin tried to get me up and bit a hole in my neck. but I do feel good most days.
Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Sun Mar 22, '09 3:30am PST 
how did your blood work go?
I`m sure your bro didnt mean it

Izzat chicken?
Barked: Sun Sep 27, '09 9:35pm PST 
Hi. Tally's been having seizure activity every few months since she was a puppy, but she was finally seen by the vet about it this past June. The seizures vary to a certain extent in what happens, but she usually loses control of her hind paws for a minute or two. The vet offered medicine, but seemed to favor the idea of just keeping an eye on her for the time being, so we went with that in order not to cause any unintended consequences. However, no matter what, she's still one of the feistiest little girls you will ever meet. big grin

Christmas- Miracle
Barked: Tue Feb 2, '10 8:09pm PST 
Hello fellow Epi dogs! My name is Lucky I had my first seizure back when I was 2, my pawrents were scared they had never had a dog that had seizures before, I was taken to a kind vet where he started me on Primadone and I have been taken that since. Today Im a happy healthy dawg who loves life. I usually have one or 2 every few months that last a few minutes then its back to playtime!.hamster dance
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