DO NOT BUY FROM IAMS!! - Don't Support Animal Cruelity!

♥- Tara- ♥

Princess Tara
Barked: Wed Aug 29, '07 9:09am PST 
The thing i wanted to tell you that is serious is IAMS ABUSES ANIMALS, Why: Because they perform lab tests on dogs and cats for their products. An Example:
PETA has evidence of them doing gingervictus tests on 21 beagles!, 21!!. And no these pups were complety heathly before Iams got their hands on them, the pups dident have gingervitus already, oh no no no, Iams gave them K9 gingervitus and tests on them to see if your dog food fourmla works. But no they did not give any kind of painkillers even they just put them back in their cramped cages to suffer, with their bloody jaws. So please make A difference and stop buying any product of Iams! You could save A pup or cat. I would recommend buying from Whiskas as they do not perform any sort of tests on animals. Please forward this message to anyone buying Iam's products.

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