Do Newfoundlands need to learn to swim?


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Barked: Tue Aug 28, '07 8:27am PST 
Mom posted this question on another forum. She's thinking of taking us to the beach. Even if Newfies need to be taught, tell her yes they just know how to swim...I really want to go!dog

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Barked: Wed Aug 29, '07 6:16pm PST 
Newfies do love to swim...usually. There are a few I've seen that do not. I was a year and a half before I was introduced to the water. At first I was a little scared of it, but watched a Newfy pal of mine just go in. So my mom got a fun water toy and threw it out in the water a little ways out. She gradually threw it farther and farther. When my feet first left the ground I wasn't quite sure what to do, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Now I swim with my human family quite a bit. The pictures on my page are from my stay at the beach on Cape Cod. I did a lot of swimming there. forewarned...the beach can get really hot on your pads!! I was a little sore after a full day on the beach. Good luck and have fun!!

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Barked: Tue Nov 27, '07 9:58pm PST 
Awoof? Swim? I tried it once and sunk to the bottom of the pond someone had to jump in and pull all 120lbs of wet newf to the shore...hrm...I think I missed puppy swim lessons!


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Oh Bellabig laugh You poor baby!cloud 9 Don't feel too bad. If it makes you feel better, I'm broken too! I prefer to dabble and wade, stroll along the shore, strutting my stuff. A little dip in a kiddy pool will be fine. I saw my human boy run off the end of a pier at the lake and he make shouting sounds as he jumped! He yelled "YIPEE!" and I swore I heard "SAVE ME!". I took off after him and leaped in full dive! I realized quickly it was a bad idea! I could swim, but It was complete panic. I swam under the pier and wedged myself in. It took mom almost an hour to coax me out and lead me to the shore. cry
I was so ashamed. I now stick to strutting my stuff in the shallow
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I have loved the water since I was able to walk. I just walked into the lake and started swimming. I love dog

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Swimming is really fun for a lot of dogs, like my best furiend Moon Flower. But I am still learning how...and I am doing pretty good so far. The nice part is that your human mom can easily train you by simply walking you (on a leash) into the water and helping you out a bit.

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In my experience, there is no swim-training required.

Much of the Newfoundland swimming skill comes from their instinct and bred traits, such as:

1. Hollow hairs for an outer coat assist with flotation. The outer coat is also water-resistant to help protect the undercoat.
2. Dense undercoat keeps them warm in the water and prevents loss of body warmth.
3. Webbed feet!
4. The Newfoundland has a very special swimming style compared to other dogs. It involves an outward kicking, especially with the back legs.
5. Large lung capacity
6. The droopy jowls act as a kind of vent, allowing the newfie to breathe, even with a mouth full of water!

This video is really informative from Animal Planet:

(the Newfoundland is at the bottom of the page)

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Not all like it, not -every- Newf will be able to swim well, though most should be quite capable. The trick is to get them in there early if at all possible, and to pick the first few/several places carefully so you don't wind up with a big panicking animal standing on the bottom of 3 meters or more of water. Try hallow walk-in areas of lakes/ponds or ocean, or a pool with steps, and make sure you have enough people around to drag the critter back out if they sink. (Hint: All is not lost if you have a dog too dense (specific gravity, not mentation) to swim easily; try water wings or a dog life vest.)