Where in Canada?

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Samson- (waits at- the Bridge)

Throw it! Throw- it! Throw it!
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 6:53pm PST 
Gotta start somewhere ...

I'm Samson. I live with my mom, a cat and 2 dog brothers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I used to play flyball, but I'm retired now cuz my hips are bad and I have something called spondylosis, but I still enjoy lots of off leash walks with my family ... the smellier the waterholes, the better. wink

Where in Canada are you from?

Barked: Wed Sep 5, '07 3:58pm PST 
I'm Abbi and I have a little sister named Gucci, three kitty and 2 horses to herd, plus a few birds to stare at. We are situated in Sherwood Park, Alberta where I compete in agility. I used to do flyball but my Mommy pulled me out as she didn't like the politics that went along with it. frown Some day soon Mommy is going to put me officially into herding when she gets some sheep. I can't wait for that day to come! cheercheercheer

**SLURP** Shadow- Kisses!
Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 5:58am PST 
I live with another pup, Penny, 6 kitties (who I think are fun to chase, even tho my mommy yells at me for it) 3 snakes, 2 turtles, 4 fishes, an elderly ferret, and a baby bird. We all live in PEI, which is great! I LOVE the ocean! Well, not when there's waves! cloud 9


throw the ball,- throw the- ball!!!
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '07 8:24pm PST 
I'm Willow and I'm the queen bee of my house! I live in Newfoundland with my little brother Blu (a sheltie) and my cousin Charlie Brown (a Whippet). Both of them REALLY get on my nerves, espcially when they try and get more attention from my daddy then I'm getting! I realllllly like catching frisbees and balls and anything else really that you can throw and I can catch!
Bear & Jersey Girl

Barked: Thu Dec 6, '07 3:27pm PST 
We are out in Beautiful British Columbia. Chilliwack, where it has the prairie smell without all the white stuff!

"The Suck-Up- Snuggler"
Barked: Sat Dec 15, '07 7:29pm PST 
I was born in Quesnel, British Columbia, but I moved to St.Catharines, Ontario with my family!

Move or Parish
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '08 3:22pm PST 
Me, Columbus and all my fur siblings live on a farm in British Columbia.
We all love to herd the sheep and cattle, it's really fun and intense!

Barked: Sun Jan 13, '08 7:21pm PST 
I'm Ozzie.
I live in Peterborough Ontario with my doggie sibling Angel, my kitty sibling Lindsay, mom, grandparents, uncles, great grandparents...pretty much the whole family. I have lotsta birds and squirrels to chase, great doggie friends to have park meet ups with, off leash trails, I love frisbee, and I am soon to start Agility!

my way or the- high way
Barked: Mon Jan 28, '08 11:30am PST 
Name is Cosmo,
i live in london ontario with my mum, my "aunties" a cat a turtle and a fish.
Jaydens- Rowena,- SD-c, PAT,- CGC

It's all about- the frisbee!!
Barked: Sat Sep 20, '08 7:07pm PST 
HELLOOOOOO! I believe there is an echo in here!!!
My name is Rosie and I live in Maine. My parents are from Ontario though. They are Hollowshot dogs. They now live in Orland, Maine where I was born. Any other Hollowshot pups here??wave
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