Warning About Grass Awls


Sierra, Velcro- DOG!!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 8, '07 11:44pm PST 
"What is that?" you may ask. Grass awls are wheat grain looking stickers that are notorious for catching in fur. The worse part about these seemingly harmless grains is that once they're caught in the fur, they can burrow themselves into the skin. Once they are inside the skin they can only be removed in a few different ways. The 1st is for your vet to remove them surgically. 2nd option is for them to work their way up into the paw or leg and the dog chew them out. 3rd is for the dog to chew a large enough hole into their paw or leg so the vet can get them with tweezers. None of the options are pleasant, and they cause a great deal of pain.
"How do you know about these things?" you might ask. Sierra likes to wander around the tall weeds beyond our yard. Because she has longer fur on her legs, these things would get caught. Although I'd brush her out when she came back in the house, I wouldn't find these things. One day I noticed Sierra was limping, so I checked her paw. It looked like she'd gotten into a dog fight! Two holes in her paw lined up almost perfectly! I took her to the vet. That's when I learned a hard lesson... Even though Ce-Ce's fur is so pretty once it's grown out, get her shaved down for the summer because of grass awls and stick-tights.