Halloween Bash 07

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Yep Pups, it's that time of year!! Time to prepare for the Annual Halloween Bash 07 Contest!! We love to give you plenty of time to make those costumes, or shop, and create those background scene ideas. This is our favorite contest of the year!! This will be a Dogster/Catster deal, so every pup & kitty is invited to participate! We want real photos, not animated or photoshopped photographs. We love the real thing!! We absolutely love the creativity behind this contest. So Keep it Real!!!

Anyone else who would like to donate a prize let me know.
There will be One Winner is each Catagory. One entry per pet, please. So make it count!!

There will be Honorable Mentions too, anyone wanting to donate a Rosette for Honorable Mentions, please pmail me with how many and what catagory. I'll pick *five* honorable mentions for each catagory.

Deadline: October 31, 2007 *Winners announced shortly after

Prize Donations

Tinkerbelle, $10 Zealie Pack
Nugget, a Treat & Toy Gift Basket
Bonzer, a Star & $5 Zealie Pack
Miles, a $10 Zealie Pack
Jeannie, a Star

Thank You!!


Grand Prize Winner
Over all Winner of the Halloween Bash 07! Doesn't matter what catagory you entered, there will be ONE Grand Prize!

The Most Creative *prize to be announced
The Most Beautiful *prize to be announced
The Most Scariest *prize to be announced
The Most Funniest *prize to be announced

Good LUCK! Tag your photo Halloween Bash 07 and put your catagory under the photo. If you are a non~plus kitty or puppy, just post what catagory you are entering in the forum thread and/or send us a pmail. We keep a notebook with all entries, because we usually get lots of entries and donations for this annual event!

Tag your photo on your photomanager, under the photo you want to enter, by typing Halloween Bash 07 in the Tag Text Box. You can visit all the entries by doing a Search Photo Tags by clicking on the link under Find a Dogster on the left side of the Dogster page. Click that, then type in Halloween Bash 07 in the text box, click YES for Exact Match, then search! Good Luck!!

If you're a creative pup and are making costumes for other pups, then this is the time to spread the word around to share your creations.

We are having a Pumpkin Carving Contest with this, too, using the likeness of your dog or cat, or whatever you can come up with. Be Creative! We think that would be adorable!! If you'd like to try your hand at it then carve your pumpkin, take a close up photograph of it, post it to your photomanager, then tag it:

Tag: Pumpkin Patch 07

We'll give out a Prize to our Favorite Looking Pumpkin!

Lakota, a Star & $5 Zealie Pack

*if any pup would like to donate towards pumpkin carving, please specify as such. *if your not going to be in the contest(s) and would like to help judge, send us pmail, please. thank you

As Always, keep this bumped up to the top so everyone knows about it, share it in your groups and with your family and friends.

Keep it Real and Keep it Real Scary!! BoL!!! Good Luck!! xoxo

Your Howloween Hosts,
Gunner, Deuce, Lakota, Kasper
Dutchess, Joy & Angel Girls...

**send us pmail if your wanting to judge, donate prizes or request information

**this is posted in Catster, too, with Catster Prizes, etc...so check the Plus Fun Forum or the Other Meows n Purrs Forum or Domino's Diary for information.

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Please Do NOT post in this Thread, but instead, send us a PMAIL if you have any comments. This is NOT a *Halloween Club* Contest, but a member hosting the contest and posting this as an invitation to you all to join in the fun.

Thank You!