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Jerkweed- Inspector

silly puppy
Barked: Thu Jul 26, '07 9:24pm PST 
My mom has always been wondering what breeds I might be. She did meet one other dog like me, but her parents said she was rescued from a fair in MI and they guessed she was Golden Retriever and Australian Shepard. I am a mystery, because I have yellow eyes and some distinct white markings. Most people assume Golden, but mom isn't sure. I was just wondering what you all thought?

A little rescue- with a big- heart.
Barked: Mon Aug 13, '07 2:57pm PST 
Definitely look like you have at least some Golden in you to me! Other than that... I'm not really sure. But you're really cute!

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Barked: Tue Aug 14, '07 3:09pm PST 
Maybe Nova Scotie Duck Tolling Retreiver. Ignore me though I just love that breed