hey pals i need help


Barked: Mon Jun 25, '07 8:15pm PST 
Hey Pals
my photo is ranked 992 of 2814 out of all submitted photos
Could You Find It In Your Heart and Rank Us #1 i appreceate
all the votes this far like the Rosettes and Bones and i sure appreceate
the Views That my picture has gotten and the emails i received im sorry
that sometimes i sound upset but Trust me when i say No one hear has upset me
thats just me it takes a growen pup to cry...anyway every day im thinking and praying
for everyone hear and i hope one of you wins but i also sure hope its me i will be
overjoyed, But i Cant do it with out the help of everyone hear could you find it in
your heart to give me a vote? it only takes a few secounds of your time and im such a
prety dog and very kind and concerened about helping others. it would mean so much to
me...your pal as always snowman
Oreo(in loving memory)

They didn't stop- they just kept- on going
Barked: Tue Jul 24, '07 9:57am PST 
HI snowman when i used the website you posted below it said page not found. I tried do you think you could fix it. I would love to vote for you!