Love Pics!


where are you- now??
Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 9:37am PST 
If you want a pic with your love come here!

Ms. Cool
Barked: Sun Jun 24, '07 9:37am PST 
Can I have one with captian cookie?
he's on our wedding page!
HedwigGir- ★

Barked: Mon Jan 21, '08 10:47am PST 
can i have one with ashaki kianga shaki i can give you page if ya like


Team Edward/ I- love Bear
Barked: Tue Mar 25, '08 9:23am PST 
Hi, My name is Cherish and i would love to have a picture of me with my boyfriend ( Phantom) His number is 458738, I love to have to have, one, Thank-you,dancingwavesnoopysnoopy

Golden Dog- Golden Heart
Barked: Sun Sep 14, '08 12:41pm PST 
hey i have a girlfriend called skooter she is on my friends list dont search her name because she has hearts in front and at the end of her name anyway, could i have a sunset on the beach scene and a picture of us both and in the air could you write Buddy Loves Skooter if you could that would be geat thanks

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Sandy(In- Loving- Memory)

Jan 1997- May- 2010♥-
Barked: Sun Oct 19, '08 4:58pm PST 
Hi can have a pawsome picture to do with the theme of halloween for me
can u use the third picture down of me for the picture
thanks love sandy
♥Moch- a♥

I ♥- Bullers!
Barked: Sat Sep 5, '09 11:06pm PST 
I would like one with my boyfur Bull-Boy!