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Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 7:53pm PST 
One of our bullies, Missi has a big red bump between her toes on one of her paws. It is so large it is almost the size of one of her toes. I was looking at it tonight and found what looked like a wet spot, i gently squeezed it and a clear liquid came out. At first it didn't bother her, but it didn't take long. It only seems to bother her when I squeeze it, other than that she is walking and running normal and playing-doing all her normal things. I'm trying not to rush them to the vet every time I think something is wrong. We have noticed them get these before but never this big. My husband is out of town and I descirbed it to him and he things maybe she got some kind of bite.
has anyone had their bullies get anything like this? What is it? Do you just let it go away on it's own?
Thank you for all your help!
Gus and Missi's Mom