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Barked: Tue Jun 5, '07 2:57pm PST 
Chey's mom seems to have covered EVERY possible resource except she cannot get TV EXPOSURE !!! since it is VERY possible a lady has her and is planning to keep her, we can ALL help try to get her story on TV. Cheyenne needs to be returned to her RIGHTFUL owners!!!

PLEASE send emails ASAP and ask them to contact Chantelle 206-851-5294...

LINK to send email through their website – check “news tips”



FOX - Channel 13 News (Seattle)

NorthWest Cable News
LINK to email Special Features
LINK to email Television news Dept.

** here are a FEW TIPS:
- don't forget to include your full name and city where you live
- do not write on behalf of "the Dogster community." Seattle news people do not know who we are and probably do not care - sorry for being so blunt - it did not help Teddie Sue get on TV, so maybe try to stick to the facts of Chey's story
- try NOT to beg - just convey importance of this story as concerned animal lovers from all over the world
- try not to make letter too long - it's more likely to be read if shorter and to the point (we still have to work on this one for ourselves)

*PLEASE post other tips for emailing here .... we want to be as most effective as we can!

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Barked: Tue Jun 5, '07 7:01pm PST 
I e-mailed to all the stations! I gave them my contact information and I also provided Cheyenne's dogster page link as well as the name and contact information for Cheyenne's owners!way to go

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Barked: Wed Jun 6, '07 9:09pm PST 
e mails sent, i sure hope they listen........