Favorite dog movies...

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Barked: Tue May 29, '07 6:31pm PST 
Anyone see the movie "Lad" which is about a collie? It is loosely based on the book by Albert Payson Terhune.

I am a dog lover, and I am especially fond of collies. So of course some of my favorite dog movies are the ones starring Lassie.

I also love the following movies:

Where the Red Fern Grows
Old Yeller
The Biscuit Eater
Homeward Bound
The Retrievers
The 12 Dogs of Christmas
Miracle Dogs

What are your favorite dog movies?

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Barked: Mon Jul 9, '07 7:15am PST 
Mommy buys ALL the dog movies she can find!!! Here are some of her favorites:

Good-bye, My Lady (1956) - A boy finds a stray Basenji - Stars Walter Brennan

Good Boy (2003) - Boy adopts dog and finds out he is able to understand every word the dog says (FUNNY MOVIE)

Dog Park (1998) - Singles meet at the dog park

Zeus and Roxanne (1997) - Dog & Dolphin are Best Buds - Stars Steve Guttenberg

Fluke - Stars Matthew Modine

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Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 10:51am PST 
don't forget Digby! I think that's how it's spelled. shrug

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Barked: Mon Nov 5, '07 2:55pm PST 
My favorite dog movies are the Beethoven movies! puppy
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Barked: Thu Nov 15, '07 3:57pm PST 
big grin I loved my dog skip!

Barked: Fri Jan 2, '09 12:23pm PST 
I like Winn- Dixie, Air Bud Series, Where the Red Fern Grows,

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Barked: Tue Mar 24, '09 12:43pm PST 
What about Turner and Hooch? I probably didn't spell Hooch right; but daddy says that's alright. After all, my typing skills are pretty good. : ) I also like some of the Roy Rogers & Dale Evans movies, the ones with Rin-Tin-Tin in them

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Barked: Thu Oct 15, '09 2:19pm PST 
Ok gotta love Beverly Hills Chihuahuahappy dance