Adding Graphics to a Rosette/STAR


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Barked: Thu Apr 26, '07 3:00pm PST 
Adding a Graphic thingy on a Rosette or STAR:

Sent to me From my friend Napoleon

1. Well, what I do is find a cool little graphic that I like and copy the HLM code or the URL (wichever one you would use to put it on your page) and paste it in the box you would normally type a message in.

2. Then once the code is pasted press the spacebar to see if the code is at most 265 characters, however it seems to have changed and you can add more now.

3. If the code is more than that amount erase the code and try to find a [symple er?] (don't know how to spell that He He He) graphic.

* Say there is a really cool one that is flashing and has alot of different colors, you could try to see if it fits but it most likley won't. I like the ones that are just like a picture and have some words on it those almost always fit.

4. After you are done and have sent your friend the cool rosette, close the rosette sender thingy and click on your rosette that you gave on your friends page.
(Right click to paste on the Rosette)

5. Make sure it shows your graphic.

Hopefully you understood all that because I tried to make it the least bit complicated. If you have any problems understanding my wacky instructions or anything just bark back at me.
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I just wanted to share this with you all...

It's a Fun way to give a Rosette. It makes it more personal....

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Thanks Ham,
I put this in my Favs. Have to call Dogster and find out where my rosettes are. I have 3 birthday boys I owe rosettes too. Maybe I will just start giving out stars. At least you can always keep them. Divey them out.dancing
Your thes best!

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