New To Dogster, And live in Bartlett.


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Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 6:33am PST 
Good morning, I see this group was from Downers Grove, I was wondering about dog parks in the area.. Can you recommend a place I can take Macy so when the weather warms, she can go swimming? I took her to the bartlett swimming pool last year for the dog day, and she loved it, is there a place that is opened year round for her... Thanx Macy N Brian.
Bailey NWD

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Barked: Sat Jun 9, '07 7:19pm PST 
Hi! I am also new to Dogster and live near Champaign, Il. and I love to swim. I joined this group because it is about water and the dogs are from Illinois. I swim from the time the cover comes off the pool until it goes back

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Barked: Mon Jun 30, '08 8:05pm PST 
wave Hi everyone. We are in Glendale Hts. I adopted Cash from a rescue this past December and have found out that he loves the water. He has a wading pool in the backyard that he will stay in as long as I let him stay outside. We're planning on making a trip to the beach dog park in the city so he can frolick with his cousin. snoopy
Hope you all are having a great Summer.