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Elite's Wizard of Awes CD, CGC

Mamma's Boy
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 12:00pm PST 
Ok, since we have got a few T-town Doggie members now let's get to know one another! How about all you dogs share your coming home story (how you came to be a part of your human's life), and what is your favorite place in Tulsa to go. Let's get to sharing. Just post a reply to this thread. I'll do one too. Glad to meet you all. -Ozzie
Elite's Wizard of Awes CD, CGC

Mamma's Boy
Barked: Sat Apr 14, '07 12:05pm PST 
Hi everydoggie. I'm Ozzie. A 12 year old Australian Shepherd who lives with my mom in South Tulsa. I came to live with Mom when I was about 12 weeks old and she's loved me ever since! I used to be able to travel a lot and show in AKC obedience, but now I'm "retired" and my favorite place to go here in Tulsa is the Petco on Riverside by the Jenks bridge. I get to go a little car ride and then pick out treats at the store. It's loads of fun for an old guy like me who doesn't have as much energy as when I was young.
Sophie La Roo

Roo Roo Roo!!
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 2:15pm PST 
Hi Everyone. I'm Sophie. I'm an Italian Greyhound and I live in Owasso. I was a foundling, someone picked me up on the side of the road up near Vinita and I was taken to Italian Greyhound Rescue. I live in a foster home but my foster parents want to adopt me. way to go I'd love for that to happen because I have brothers and a sister here and a big yard. It's good to meet other T-Town pups! dancing


I'm fierce!!
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 2:17pm PST 
Hey There. I'm Benedetto, mostly known as Benny. I am Sophie's foster brother. We moved here to Owasso from California last May and let me tell you, it's been a job to get used to this weather. Brrr, it was never this cold in San Diego! eek But we have a much bigger yard here and we love to run, because we're greyhounds at heart. Nice to meet you all!wave
Elite's Wizard of Awes CD, CGC

Mamma's Boy
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '07 10:03pm PST 
Italian Greyhounds in Tulsa, who knew!
Very nice to meet you both!wave

You will love- me!
Barked: Wed Apr 18, '07 7:04am PST 
Hi I'm Bailey. I'm new to the group! I was born in Oklahoma City. My brother and I were left in a park when some friends of my mom and dad found both of us. We were only six weeks old. My mom and dad heard about me and came over to visit me. They really liked me a lot, but they were about to move to Tulsa and weren't sure if it was the best time to take me home. They couldn't stop thinking about me though so they took me! We moved to Tulsa the next week and now I have my ver own yard and a park right by where I live that I get to play in. I'm about to turn a year old and I love to play with other doggies. I'm the friendliest dog you will ever meet! My brother lives in Tulsa somewhere too. I haven't seen him since I came home with mom and dad, but I'm supposed to have a play date with him soon. I can't wait.

Tip Tappy Shoog
Barked: Thu Apr 19, '07 6:57pm PST 
Woof woof, I'm Sugar. I was picked up from the animal shelter and saved from death row. Though I'm grateful to my previous guardian for saving my life, she didn't give me much of her time and I was isolated in a pen and didn't have much food and definitely not any fresh clean water to drink. I lived in a small, leaky dog house. I cried, ran the fence and begged for people to talk to me. That's when my new Mom noticed me. My new mom started taking me out of my pen and walking me, petting me, and taking me to her house to play with Jack and Pearl. I made myself right at home pretty fast. Then one night my new mom dropped me off in my pen and I howled for her as I watched her drive away. My new mom heard and saw me watching her leave and immediately came back and I've never been back to that pen since. My new Mom gives me lots of LOVE and clean water too!! I have developed a thyroid problem, but I take medication for it and it is under control. I like to chase squirrels, dig up moles and even play ball sometimes. Most of all, I like to be petted and cuddled. cloud 9 My favorite place to go is the park where I can explore 'til my heart's content. I hate car rides because I get very ill unless Mom gives me dramamine. I am mostly a home body. I love to sleep in on Saturdays with my Mom.

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Barked: Thu Apr 19, '07 7:07pm PST 
I am Jack, Sugar's brother. I am a four-year old Australian Shepherd and came from Evansville, Indiana when my Dad found me. He wanted a brother for my sister Pearl and also a friend to play frisbee with. I was really shy when I was a puppy and didn't make much noise, but that changed after I met Pearl. She frightened me when I first met her and I squealed as loud as I could, turning heads and causing Pearl to freak out too. My Mom was almost in tears because my Dad was in the QuikTrip getting drinks and left her alone with us. But the ride home was good as I got to cuddle with my Mom. Today I enjoy playing as much frisbee and ball as possible, licking my Dad from head to toe, stealing treats from my sisters and going for car rides. Last week we took a car ride and saw lots of cows, even some playing. I wish I could've played with them but Dad wouldn't stop. My favorite place to go is the park where I have several acres to run and play. wave My Mom tells me I am truly a joy and precious to her and Dad. My birthday is coming up soon and my Mom will make me a yummy cake! I can't wait! party

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Jazzy (:

Rockin Your- World!
Barked: Wed Nov 14, '07 7:58am PST 
Yes..I did make a post a bit about me but here's that facts..
Hi I'm Jazzy, a 2 year old Shetland Sheepdog. I have 2 sisters that live with me, that aren't my littermates, Anna (a shetland sheepdog) and Rose (a pomeranian). Anna is farely new to the house hold and she is 1. Rose is 11 she has been her forever, well at least before me. My mommy is Natalie...she is 13 and she runs me in Obedience and Agility. We are not in compitions yet but we have started practicing w/ some equipment. I am in Novice I Obedience and my test is in 2 weeks so hopefully if I pass I'll go on to Novice II. My littermate Kenzie, is the dog I look up too, she is in agility, has many titles, and is a therapy dog and she also has her CGC. I do have my CGC title but no titles as in competitions yet.
Well that's all for now..I'll keep you posted!
Jazzy snoopy
Stella Marie

Sweet Potato Pie
Barked: Wed Mar 5, '08 11:07am PST 
Hi! I'm Stella Marie and I am a 9 week old Chinese Shar Pei/ yellow lab mix. I was born here in Tulsa and my mommy and daddy wanted a puppy, so they looked at me and my littermates and fell in love with me at first sight. They have only had me for 3 weeks but I am loving them like my own! I don't get to go very many places yet since I am still unsure about my leash, but I enjoy going to see my friend Lucy the Border Collie and going to my grammy and grampy's in Tahlequah and play with my uncle Sly, a mutt. I have a brother, Leo, but he is nothing like me. My mommy calls him a turtle (I'm not quite sure I like him yet though) It's nice to be a part of a doggy group!
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