Abbie's Counter Surfing Tips


Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 6:02pm PST 
1. Don’t counter surf when a human is in the same room. They will only try to stop you.

2. While counter surfing be as quite as you can so you can get away with it. If you make excessive noises humans will investigate and stop you from your quest.

3. If somebody comes into the room while you are in the act, jump down and act innocent so the humans will leave the room and you can continue counter surfing.

4. Once you are done eating your quest, go to your normal room and act normal. Do not lick your lips are the human will suspect that you have been counter surfing.

5. If the humans get up to go the kitchen, disappear fast. laugh out loud

Added tip: Teach your siblings how to counter surf so you can have somebody else to blame, hehehe.

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The- Hollidawg

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Excellent Abby! Of course the absolute best time to countersurf is when the Humans have left the house for a few minutes. After all it only takes a second to snag what's on the counter and a few more seconds to consume it!

1. If the humans love it, it is guaranteed to taste good. Snag it off the fork or plate if possible.

2. When needing more time to consume pilfered spoils, take it to another room in the house. Then not only do the Humans have to realize you stole something, they have to find you, too.

3. Try not to eat until you feel sick. That generally means a vet visit. Vets do not like countersurfing and will give advice on how to stop you from doing it.
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Barked: Wed Mar 14, '07 2:25pm PST 
snoopy Thanksway to go for the tips!

Too bad I don't know how to read and mom has to read for she knows the tips! She thanks you too! Bol!wave


Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Barked: Wed Mar 14, '07 3:09pm PST 
My mommy does not let me in the kitchen when she gone, bummer. I guess she knows me too well.
The- Hollidawg

Bridge Biscuits- are divine.
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Abbie, you're still pretty young. What you need to do is the first time they "forget" and leave you access to the kitchen, pretend you didn't notice and DO NOTHING. Yep, nothing. Then, they get used to leaving without denying you access and presto - counter surfing time.


You have to act really innocent for a while before they "forget" and give you kitchen priviledges on a regular basis.

Now, Abbie's and Studmuffin's Mommies - look deep into my beautiful brown eyes - deeper - deeper ... You both are getting very sleepy. Close your eyes and rest a moment. Good. We'll look out for you... Now, forget everything you read here. Nothing from the Counter Surfing Brigade will ever stick in your memory. You will leave the group each time with a pleasant warm feeling but with no knowledge of what transpired. On the count of three you will awaken.


Oh, and feed your pups hamburgers tonight.


With ice cream for dessert.


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Barked: Sun Apr 22, '07 11:09am PST 
Abbie, I have 10 plus years of experience and second the wise Hollidachs.
Feigning no-interest:
Pretend you have no interest in the steak (room tempreture, rare, excellent) resting too close to the edge as the doorbell rings.
Take no notice of the package of turkey sandwich meat left out accidently as the human takes a shower.
Do not see the hamburger on the sidetable or coffee table (excellent design by the way, much preferred over dining tables) as the human goes to fetch forgotton condiments (I prefer my hamburger plain, with a slice of cheese)

Strike whilst the iron is hot:
Do not hesitate. Proceed swiftly. Contrary to the wicked rumour that humans have eyes inthe backs of their heads, they do not!
Small bites or hesitating for the last deep delicious inhalation are not advised.

Lastly: share. This is very hard but Holly and Dawson have enlightened me. Sharing yours means you get to share theirs. While I prefer the latter your doglblings may not.

Surfs up!!!!

Counter surfers- get more snacks.
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Thanks for the added tips.

Happy Dogs come- from CA
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Countersurfing tip for small dogs

Counter surfers- get more snacks.
Barked: Wed Sep 12, '07 3:09pm PST 
Hey troop that was a good tip for small dogs.