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I am the proud mom of fernado a 3 month old " pinuaua" I am looking for any and all advice from pin owners ( that seems to be his domiment breed if there is such a thing) on biting. He bites mostly me his mom i try to distract him with other things he is teething though so help? I don't want a biter but I don't know how to discourage it. Thank you in advance for your time. PS we are in rancho cordova and would live a play date with some well behaved puppies

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Hello!! About the biting, what I did when Diego was a puppy was went and bought a bone called a "Chilly Bone". They are made of a material and you soak it with water and put it in the freezer. Diego would chew on it forever when he was a puppy. You should be able to find them at any of your local pet supply stores. I think I've even seen them at Walmart.

Also, when your little one starts to bite your hands or whatever, tell him a strong "NO" and walk away from him and ignore him for awhile until you notice he's not still pre-occupied with biting you. So long as you're persistent, he'll start to catch on that biting is not the thing to do. Min Pins are stubborn little furbabies.... you have to make sure you outlast him, especially with training when they're under a year.

Hope this helps.
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big grin Me been behavin after watching me sista, she teaches me a thing or three