GOOD FOOD for schnauzers

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life is a- squeaky ball!!
Barked: Sat May 17, '08 6:57am PST 
I go banana for bananas! But I love carrots, apples, pears and steamed veggies! Healthy and yummy too! My mommy does not give them to me all the time... just once is a while as special treat! happy dance

Princess Of the- house
Barked: Tue Sep 30, '08 9:39am PST 
I'll eat EVERY fruit I can get my paws on...NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG GRAPES OR RASINS!!!! I SHUTS DOWN SOMETHING IN THEY'RE BODY...I forgot what BOL!

Barked: Wed Oct 29, '08 7:21pm PST 
Mmm... food... I love all veggies- except for peas. My favorites are carrots, cauliflower, and pumpkin. I also like bluberries, but I have to be careful or my bears turns blue...


One easy going- Schnauzer
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 2:21pm PST 
I love to eat Marsh Mellows. I think that is my favorite next to greenies ! I go crazy for marsh mellows!!snoopy

New Orleans- And All That- JAZZ

Razzy Jazzy
Barked: Mon Feb 16, '09 5:23pm PST 
Hi Furry Friends!

My Mom gives me apples, small amts of carrots (two much of that orange stuff upsets my tummy).

I feel sorta wasted today, Mommy had my teeth cleaned. What an EXPERIENCE............. But I don't have ho hum breathe anymore and my teeth shine like the clouds at noon day.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone (Late of course Mommy forgot my password!!

Dog Park Police
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 5:02am PST 
Here are some things Pepper likes that are good for him:

FISH!! (sardines, grilled, baked, any kind of fish) meat meat meat (raw, cooked, baked, poached, any way you have it except fried)! carrots, broccoli (in reasonable amounts), cauliflower, raw tidbits and juices left over from cooking human meat, CRANBERRIES (Pepper's favorite next to meat including fish), blueberries, celery (fiber!), raw bones (raw won't splinter like cooked ones), fish, fish, fish, fish, fish! Fish is his absolute favorite... It's rich in Omegas and very low in bad fats.
Top it all off with a good diet like Innova Evo, Orijen, Go, Blue Buffalo Wilderness and other six star foods, and the big dogs can't keep up with Pepper at the dog park (and he's 8 years old, no one can believe it because he has the energy of a 2 year old Schnauzer)!
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