Welcome to the group!!!


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Barked: Fri Feb 23, '07 8:22pm PST 
Thanks for joining the new group! I'm looking forward to March Madness. Mom is taking Thursday and Friday off from work to watch it kick off.

Furio- (2004-2013)

Who's a Tough- Guy?
Barked: Mon Feb 26, '07 6:48am PST 
Bol! We can't wait for March Madness - Our favorite sports time of the year!

Is anywoof getting that March Madness Direct TV package where the screen is split into quads so you can watch 4 games at once? Looks kind of fun!

Victory Is- Mine!!
Barked: Mon Feb 26, '07 7:36am PST 
My mommy took off the first 2 days of the tourney as well. She couldn't chance Memphis being scheduled to play during her work hours and besides who can work when March Madness is on!!!

Wow Furio! Split screen coverage sounds like fun.cheer

Luckathelda- "Lucky"

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Barked: Sun Mar 11, '07 7:45pm PST 
I joined this way late, and my team is already out, but I'm rooting for everyone's team on here!

(Especially Wisconsin, though! shh)
Haley(the- Man)Cat

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Barked: Sun Mar 25, '07 8:07am PST 
Glad to join. Even if a bit late in the game.

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