tough chewers


Wheres he at?,- Do you see it?- Get it !!!
Barked: Fri Feb 16, '07 11:33am PST 
So I got another Kong today, Yup!!!!! Bit it in half again, (Sigh) Chopper just cant keep a toy. Theres really no sense in going out and buying toys. Ive made toys, they arent strong enough. I think his chewing got worse after he realized how much damage his bite can do. Well he doesnt chew on everything, just toys and he just demolishes them super fast. I just need to find a cheap bone or toy that last long. I mean some companys say, pit bull proof, big dog approved, turbo chewers garuntee. Theres hundreds of them. They all suck.. Kong is the toughest though out of everything. So he just bites a kong in half and thats what like 20 seconds of toy time....Any body got any ideas?????????

Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 3:22pm PST 
have you tried the black kongs yet? if not, get those they're more expensive but they last pretty long and if your dog is medium sized get a large because its harder for him to get a good grip so it entertains them and lasts longer