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Livin' La Vida- Pug
Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 11:15am PST 
My birthday is January 3, 1997 and mah new lil brother Le Mops was born on May 27....He's still with his mama

I've been pet by- Leonardo- Dicaprio!!
Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 4:56pm PST 
Mom got my papers so now we know my exact birthday! It's tomorrow, September 9th! snoopy

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Gizmo My- Baby has- gone to the

i am a wild man
Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 6:36pm PST 
Mine is 09-20-97


Just about- perfect!
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 10:36am PST 
snoopyparty Sept. 18thhugwishes
Happy 2nd Birthday, Cozmo!!

Its tiring to be- this cute :-P
Barked: Mon Oct 8, '07 8:27am PST 
I just joined sorry Im so late.

Anyway I was bornded on October 14th 2006puppy
Don't tell anyoneshhBut im Old

Yep I hearts the- AJHHP!
Barked: Fri Oct 26, '07 5:37pm PST 
I was two years old on october 1st! My birthday is oct 1 2005
Miley Bean

Run, Miley, run.
Barked: Mon Jan 19, '09 4:22pm PST 
My Birthday is June 2ndcheer
Miss Daisy

Driving Miss- Daisy
Barked: Sat Feb 7, '09 6:58pm PST 
Miss Daisy will be 2 on April 13!cheer
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