Newfoundland Promises!


Just smile in- the face of- evil. :-)
Barked: Sat Jan 13, '07 4:24pm PST 
Here you can write your promise of being a Newfoundland, whoever you are. Whether you're just a wee pup, a teenager, older dog or across the bridge, anyone can post their promise here. I'll start you off. smile

I promise to be the best Newfoundland I can be. I will swim and retrieve what my owner throws, be kind to all dogs I meet and say it loud and proud- I AM A NEWFOUNDLAND! I will follow in the pawsteps of Ronan before me- to be a proud American, loyal compainion, supportive of mourners in bad times, fantastic friend, gentle family member and to live life to the fullest I can. I will celebrate being a dog, but not just any dog- a Newfoundland. My head will face the future but I won't be arrogant, I will celebrate completing something but I won't boast, I will show if I'm annoyed but won't ignore someone or give them the silent treatment, and I understand I don't have to be THE best when I can be MY best.