Save HB Dogs & Cats Before Jan 8th!


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Barked: Mon Jan 1, '07 3:33pm PST 
I just heard that the Huntington Beach Humane Society is closing its doors on Jan 8th. All dogs there will be killed on Jan 8th. Only people who live in Huntington Beach can go and save the animals.

Please forward this on, talk to your friends, post in forums and groups, etc. The more the word gets out, the more chances these poor animals have!

Orange County Humane Society
21632 Newland, Huntington Beach, CA
714-536-8480 - open 7 days 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

They are located one half block from the Pacific Ocean just behind the power plant.

PLEASE spread the word so someone will go and get the dogs and cats.

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We just got another email from the head of the other rescue group who got it from another rescue group - and I just copied/pasted it - I'm assuming this affects the cats in the same way::

Please be advised that Huntington Beach Humane Society (the 'humane' part is
questionable) is closing down for good on January 8 and ALL DOGS MUST BE
ADOPTED OR THEY WILL BE EUTHANIZED. The shelter is not publicizing this
very well (probably for fear of the bad publicity) so we need to spread the
word. Please share this information with other animal lovers in the hopes
that more animals will be adopted from there. The shelter is 'selling' the
dogs for 50% off to move them out.

And this:

Pls look at their pix and bio's...they will all be killed on Jan 8th.

Link to list of animals rid=CA1107&preview=1

Below are individual links to pix of dogs and bio's Lola 2 yr old American Bulldog/English Bulldog F Ariel 10 month old American Bull dog/Boxer F Spanky 1 yr old Collie/Spaniel F Clyde 18 mo Boxer M Mandy 2 yr old Bull terrier/Boxer F Rufus 4 yr old Boxer/Dane M Sadie 1 yr old Shepard/Cattle dog F Girlie 1 yr old Border Collie F Lilly 1yr Corgi/Sheltie F D.O.G 9 month old Husky/shepard M Mia 1 yr old Staffie F Misty 7 month old Staffie/Shepard F Mackie 3 yr old M Rottie Kwame 6 month old M Sharpei/GS mix Emma 1 yr F Pekinese

The Huntington shelter will close its doors on Jan 8th, 2007. Any animals not adopted will be KILLED. Pls cross post widely.

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I went there today. No remodeling going on at all. I saw 11 cats and TONS of dogs. The place looks a bit run-down. The more I hear, the more I think that we need to get those dogs and cats out of there!!

I just got another email from a trainer I know:

I had a student come to the store tonight to tell me she had to return a dog to the HB Shelter she adopted because the dog was to hard to handle. She was an 11 mo. American Bulldog mix and very sweet, but she chewed everything up when the owners left her alone. The lady said the people at the shelter said you know this dog is going to be put to sleep if you return her don’t you? They really pressured her to take the dog back because the dog was going to be put to sleep. I told the lady that was what I had heard about the dogs at the shelter and she was very upset but said she just couldn’t keep the dog. This dog was very friendly with the other dogs in my class and had a real sweet personality. I tried to get her to foster her but she said she would get too attached to her and it was very hard for her to take her back to the shelter.

And then a response from a lady who works in another rescue group:

I think the story is changing to suit the public. The vet will probably quietly PTS the dogs and cats there because he is interested in renovating his facility. The vet office is first and will take a year. He has had numerous allegations about how the dogs are handled, where they eat and sleep (with all the local rodents) and it is really a sad situation. I want to know if he is really associated with the real Humane Society, and if he receives government money. It all comes back to money. Who is asking these questions? He thinks it will go away. And the great dogs and cats there will suffer. Too many stories are coming from here...he knows we are on to him, so the people who answer the phone are given a script about the situation. A volunteer there was the original person who broke the news to rescues.