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Missin' you
Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 1:28pm PST 
Hi my name is Jasmine! I was rescued from a Humane Society. I had puppies and after I was done nursing them my owners gave me to the humane society. I guess they didn't want me anymore. weird? That is where I met my new owner who I love so much. She adopted me August 26, 2006. I am 2 years old and I am very energetic and smart.


Pet me! :3
Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 5:15pm PST 
Cool! I was the first, aside from dogs in your family, bol, to join!

Sassy's mom's grandparents dog, Chester(a golden retriever), had died of old age about a year before they got me.
I was tied to a pole with who they believed was my brother and a pitbull outside of an animal hospital a few towns away from where mom lived. A rescue group took me in, got me cleaned up, and put me up on petfinder. Sassy's mom was helping the rescue group at the time, and thought I'd be the perfect dog for her grandparents. For her grandpa's birthday they brought me and it was love at first sight! I'm now very spoiled in a very loving home! Bol.

Edited to add--
Sassy's mom forgot to add I had 2 homes while I was with the rescue group, but both decided they weren't dog people..

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Missin' you
Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 5:17pm PST 
That's great Snowie!!

Roscoe (Foster~Adopted!)

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Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 5:18pm PST 
Well, I had been abandoned by my last owner and I returned to the shelter again for a second time. My typist's brother had been asked to help out and foster a dog and he agreed and fostered me! But I am such a sweetie, that after a month or so in my foster family, they decided to adopt me so I don't have to go back to the shelter! Woohoo!

Missin' you
Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 5:20pm PST 
That's great Roscoe!
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Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 5:35pm PST 
I was dropped off at a local animal shelter at age 6 by my previous owners. I stayed there for several months because no one wanted a big, black, "old" dog. Everyone wanted the puppies or the small dogs.

About 5 years ago, Mommy was getting ready to buy a house. She had just lost her beloved parrot named Gonzo. She decided that since she was about to be the owner of a small townhouse, she wanted a dog. She always had a love for the furry critters, but couldn't have them when growing up due to her mother's allergies.

One day she came into the humane society. She walked among the row of cages and all of the dogs were barking or howling. Except me. I sat by the door and looked up at her. I loved what I saw! She took me out to the yard and tried to get me to play, but I just wanted to sit by her side and have her pet me. I was next on the put down list and I desperately wanted Mommy to take me.

Mom happily agreed to take me, impressed by my beauty, brains, and the fact that I was already potty trained! My Mommy said I was perfect since she leads a busy teacher's life. The humane society agreed to hang on to me for another week until Mommy got the house.

I am now a spunky 11 year old and in perfect health! Mommy has fallen in love with the Husky traits, the good and bad ones. Mommy takes me out frequently with her and I go to visit a local nursing home through an organization called Pets on Wheels. Everyone always ooooos and ahhhhs over my beautiful blue eyes, wonderful coat, and my great behavior. I'm so thankful Mommy rescued me and has vowed never to buy a dog, but to always rescue one.
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Barked: Sun Dec 31, '06 6:27pm PST 
I was just a tiny little guy when I was rescued by a nice policeman at a homeless shelter. There was a bad bad man who put me in a plastic bag and was swinging me around. The nice policeman brought me to his friends who then became my Mommie & Daddie!

I feel like the luckiest dogger in the world! I have Mom & Dad who love me very much and I have 3 fursisters that I wouldn't trade for anything!! ('cept maybe for a bologna sandwich! BOL)

I'm SO happy all the time with so much love inside me, sometimes I feel like I'ma gonna burst!
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Barked: Mon Jan 1, '07 9:14am PST 
This is my story of how I came to live with my Mommy.

I am a yellow lab/husky mix. I spent the first 1 1/2 years of my life in a large kennel with other nasty dogs. I had to fight for my food. This was difficult for me because I am very submissive, so most of the dogs rolled over me. We were also allowed to run around and on one of these jaunts, I was shot in the foot with a BB. My owners did nothing about it.

One day, the wife of the household decided she was sick of all of the animals around the house, so in came the husband to the humane society with a group of dogs and cats.

I was there for about 2 weeks when Mommy saw me. She wanted to get a dog that had a different personality than Mimi. I was brought into a room with a humane society volunteer and there I met Mommy! I was so excited that I crouched low, wriggling my bottom at her, then turned upside down and peed all over the floor! The volunteer was embaressed, but Mommy just laughed. She agreed to take me after the application was processed.

It was rough going for the first couple of years. Mimi was upset at having another dog in the house and she bit my ear. We did gradually work things out because Mommy put her foot down and told us to be a pack because she wasn't giving either of us back to the humane society. Mimi did teach me how to behave in the house, since living in a house was new to me. She also helped me with potty training. I'm pretty smart so I caught on to thing quickly!

Sadly, Mommy has spent a good deal of money on me for different medical problems I have had. One year I developed a growth on an eye, so there was surgery for that. The next year the same thing happened with my other eye! Then I developed a lump where I had been shot by the BB, so that had to be removed. A few days ago I hurt my paw. Mommy just sighs, but says that I'm worth it.

It took me a couple of years to come out of my shell, but I am now a happy pup who loves to snuggle with Mommy! I go to do visits at a local nursing home and Mommy says I'm a natural because I love everyone I meet and will happily give anyone a kiss. I adore my Mommy!
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Barked: Tue Jan 2, '07 9:30am PST 
I have a pretty simple story. After ending my racing career, which was fortunately very short, I was saved by Rescued Racers of St. Louis. I met several prospective parents at the vets office where me and a few other greys were brought. The man who turned out to be my new daddy squatted down and I buried my head in is chest. That was that. I went home with them the next Friday (the 13th) and have been here over 8 years.

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Barked: Wed Jan 3, '07 2:41pm PST 
okay.. mommy is not feelng well so she copied my diary.. jist is she saw me on petfindere and decided I would adopt her.

I've been putting off writing because mommy types for me and.. well, does not do it well. I adopted my mom several months ago. She drove up in February to meet me. I was a frightened, scrawny, scraggly - haired dog. I smelled like pee-pee and got some on my mom when she put me in her arms. As she was looking at people going up to the other pups she told the lady, “Yes, I still want to adopt him.” My mom had to wait a month for me to get that male dog surgery and all of my other things for her to adopt me….

The first few months were rough. Mom took 2 weeks off from work to spend time with me and we adjusted to each other fairly well. I was fine my first two days alone at home, then on the third day, I decided that I did not want to stay in the gated room and ran through the house. I chewed up a pair of my mom’s shoes, but all was forgiven. Mommy then got a nice cave-like plastic crate. It took me a whole 7 days to figure out how to break the door off. Mom came home to a huge mess. I met her standing on the dented crate door with ah HUGE wiggle, “look mommy I fixed it all for you”. My worst victim was that large, loud, sucking machine called the Hoover. Well I destroyed it, chewing up EVERYTHING that could be chewed, even parts that are supposedly chew proof stuff! No more noise from that thing! But my mother went crazy when she saw the chewed power cords for the answering machine and her cell phone (they had been hidden behind what once was a very tall healthy palm tree). She called my aunt screaming “he is going to electrocute himself”. My aunt came over with a really big metal cave that had sliding locks. It tool me threes days to figure out how to slide the locks open, this time I met mom at the door with a pile of recycled magazines torn beneath me. Mom thought that was all the damage, but was she ever so wrong. She was moving things around and picked up her laptop, she heard buzzing noises and saw sparks coming from the chord. I had chewed through the bi-axial chord and actually severed half. This time she ran out and a padlock (with key because I coud figure out the combination) for the cave…

I now rule MY condo. I have my own cam-locked metal cave (a present for my mom’s 40th birthday) in the living room and a very nice rattan chair (humans are supposed to meditate in it but I am the only one allowed to sit in it). I sleep at the foot of mom’s bed and get lots of hugs and kisses from mommy.

A nice lady comes during the day to take me for walks when my mom can’t work from home. My mom saw her tonight and she told mom how charming I was and that I pranced so proudly when she waked me. The two of them laughed because they know that I think I am a horse. She said to my mom, “after all that he has been through, he just prances like he has no worries. He is just so happy to be able to enjoy life. He is one funny, sweet dog, a joy to be around” mom shed a few tears (she does that a lot these days, I heard someone tell her that she had Pearly Men of Paws) and told her that I still make her laugh.

I still make her laugh! Little does she know, she makes me laugh too
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